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"The History Club was founded by five Westray students Fifteen years ago." Anna is pacing in front of the pool, the blue light from its water shining over the members. Surprisingly no other people staying at the hotel are out and about tonight, and instead we're all waiting around the edge like someone is about to get murdered. "They didn't want something that would feel too formal as they were all friends. Of course, they wanted recognition and something that they could proudly write on their resumes later on."

She pauses, looking at us from the other side of the kidney shaped pool, the color of her hair coming alive under the glow of the water.

"So in order to stay together, have fun, and work together for a better future for other students, they decided to create the HIstory Clubs, as they were all under that major."

"Nothing very historical about it," Ethan, who is standing right besides me, murmurs to what I try not to laugh at.

"But for people to become part of the club they had to do something more than just get a bunch of recommendation letters and perfect academic records,"

"So they opted for breaking the law," I shush him with a look, to what he simply shrugs. It's kind of difficult being stern with him when he's wearing swim trunks. The boy works out, and he does so very well, because as soon as I saw him walk out of the bathroom in just swimming shorts I had the sudden urge to be horizontal in order not to lose my shit.

The bicep game is strong man, hell, his whole body game is strong and I never noticed because he always has at least two layers on. I mean I'm no personal trainer, but hell he could be mine if he wanted to.

"And while we already had our induction ceremony," it takes me a while to realize Anna had been talking all while I was trying not to stare at Ethan for too long after remembering him walking out ready for slaying a while ago, "I did think that it'd be fun to have a sort of pool party to celebrate we have all the members needed to keep the club afloat this semester."

There is a round of applause followed by her holding up her hands for silence.

"So I'm going to keep this short. Please introduce yourself, your major, and what year you're on, and then jump in the pool as we welcome you into the club, once this is over I'm going to give the newbies their assigned induction dare and after that we can all go home. We have some floats here, and a couple of water guns but we have to keep it down in case someone comes in." She clears her throat, stepping forward and shaking her shoulders. "I'm Anna Howard, the club president. This is my junioir year in college and I am Fashion Design major with a minor in history."

Then she jumps and from what I can tell the water is colder than I thought because she emerges back with a squeal that quickly turns into laughter before shouting for someone to continue.

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