Painful Truth

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"Y-your wife," I stammered, "what exactly did Xavier do to her?"

"Marina, her name was Marina." He spoke out into the distant.

"What a beautiful name," I mentioned and remembered how happy she looked in the picture.

I sat beside him and laid my head on his shoulder, as he lamented on about his lost love. I wasn't really sure how to comfort him about a broken relationship, though I hoped my company was enough.

"She was a beautiful woman with an amazing personality. I haven't really been myself since I lost her—when that effer of a brother took her that night."

I tensed.

Darius sighed, "relax Elisa, I'm not going to lash out or lose my mind—that happened years ago, I'm not going back there again."

His sweaty palm encased my hand, squeezing it ever so lightly as he continued.

I wasn't sure if he was comforting me or himself.

"Xavier always had his eye on her, even before we were married. In fact that cheat had all kinds of women to his beckoning; he was pretty upset Marina had turned him down for me."

"How did she go away from you both?" I recollected what Xavier had told me, wondering what the truth to that was.

Darius scoffed, "he really did twist his end of the story. Marina and I had been married a few years and were planning on having children."

I smiled, Darius changing nappies would be quite the sight.

"She was actually pregnant," his voice lowered a few tones as it became a whisper.

"It's okay if you don't want to carry on."

"No," he faced me and nodded his head with a smile. "You of all people should definitely know."

"We had some event—I can't remember what it was but I had to attend to some people. Xavier somehow took Marina by the side, that or he probably found a secluded place."

Darius paused for a moment, "would you like another drink?" I asked, catching his eyes as they looked hazier than usual.

He shook his head, "I only really know of this from a note of hers; a suicide note."

I froze in shock as the words left his mouth, words that were full of pain as he revealed something that may have been hidden for a long time.

Darius edged away and turned his body towards me, wiping the tears that now streamed down my flushed cheeks.

"Idiot," he mumbled.

"W-why?" I breathed out.

Darius stroked my cheek as he spoke softly, caressing me as his voice lapped away at my ears in a soothing motion.

"Xavier raped her, used her for his own gain. She was pregnant at the time, yet she never told me, afraid that the baby might actually have been Xavier's, thinking I would never believe her and so—"

I hushed his lips with my fingers, shaking my head.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry you had to go through that and what with me prancing around with him—to lose a loved one like that," I covered my face with my hands, "no losing someone in itself is so difficult, but having to go through it all alone . . ."

I sobbed and allowed the tears to fall down. I understood what he was feeling, having my own family gone before me, yet he was troubled more with the fact that his wife's murderer was still alive and well, teasing him before his very eyes.

"Downy," Darius chuckled, "what's this, it was years ago really, there's no need for you to cry."

"Y-you're the idiot," I hiccuped, "acting all tough and mighty when you must be hurting inside."

He only stared with a blank expression, his pools of hazel looking on as the tears continued.

"The feeling never goes; it always lingers on like some thorn by your side. Itching and grating against you and, and you just wish everything was back how it used to be."

His gentle thumb wiped against my cheek. "You're talking about your family aren't you?"

I gasped and looked at him in surprise.

He shook his head, "I heard you talking to Amanda about it, and I usually do a background check on my employees."

Darius' arms encircled around my body as he took me in his grasp. His large hands with a sense of protection as he rubbed my back.

"You remind me of Marina so much, with your innocence and how she seemed to have trusted people so easily.

I've never meant to be harsh on you or treat you like some kind of maid. I've—I've just wanted to keep you close so I would know you were safe."

His chest elevated with a huge sigh as I rested my head on it, "I'm glad you told me this, all of this before I made any kind of mistake."

"Me too." He replied and stroked my hair, making me once again feel quite sleepy. I yawned and pushed my hands off him.

Darius looked down at me through a hooded gaze, I bit down on my lip and looked away.

"Can we—I mean like a whole, can we start again?"

"As friends or . . ."

I punched him on the chest playfully, "as friends silly!" Causing me to chuckle at his teasing.

"That's a shame."

Though I knew I was beginning to deny something, my heart was always true to my feelings as it was beating more than usual.

Knowing what type of person Xavier was had me fearing, but I had to tone it down if I were to tell him it was now the end of our relationship. I didn't want him to think I knew about his past.

"I'm going to head to bed now," I smiled.

"Sure," he nodded and let me go.

"Oh Darius," I peeked through he living room.

"Hm?" He scratched his head.

"Erm thanks for being honest with me." I commented quietly and ran off upstairs.


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