Mariana Crawford

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Ever been attracted to someone who's forbidden? I haven't either. Well that's till I met him.

"Mar, get down before you're late, again." Mom yelled.

I made my way downstairs. "Mom, that was only two times, horror movies are a must." I retorted, she just shook her head.

"Senior year, they grow up so fast." Dad said.

"Later, folks." I waved and left the house.

Finally I arrived on time. "Hey, looks like someone finally got up early." I look to see Aurora walking in with Anna.

"I know, what can I say, I love my sleep." I grinned, they just chuckled.

"Guess what I heard?" Anna mentioned.

"What?" We said in unison.

"There's gonna be a new Spanish teacher and he's hot."

"And we care because." I replied giving her a look.

"Because hot teachers are better than. Ugly and boring ones." She said while doing jazz hands. We just shook our heads, I swear Anna was too much.

I went to my locker and to my luck.

"Hey, sweet cheeks."

"Tony, stop calling me that."

"Why, I've told you many times that I like you and you reject me."

"Because, I don't feel that connection, it was just one date."

"Every girl wants me, yet I only have eyes for you."

"Listen pal, take a hint, we can we friends, but just friends." I closed my locker and left him. And to add my luck I was feeling pain I went to the bathroom and mother nature hit me.

Way to start senior year.

I left school and went home, I told mom what was happening and she understood perfect.

I woke up around 4 pm and decided to go to the bakery. I was craving cupcakes.

"Can I have a box with six red velvets cupcakes and six vanilla cupcakes." The lady nodded and went to put them in a box.

"Either a cupcake lover or you're having a party." I turn around to see a handsome guy.

He was dreamy, beautiful sapphire eyes, tall and fit, let's not forget he had two things I love about guys that makes them sexy, a beard and an accent.

"Cupcake lover." I smiled.

"Well, cupcake lover, would you like to join me for coffee?"

He was straight forward, no what's your name? Oh well, nothing wrong with having coffee with a hot stranger right, not like I will see him again.

"Sure." I went to grab a table while he placed his order.

"Here." He said while passing me a plate with a red velvet cupcake.

"I didn't order an extra cupcake."

"I know, I did." He smiled.

"Thank you." I answered before grabbing a bite.

"If I could, I would marry a cupcake, they are life." I said making him laugh.

"You're something else." He chuckled.

"Unique is the word you're looking for." I grinned.

"Yeah you are." He smiled and I blushed a little. We talked for about an hour, it was refreshing.

"I need to use the bathroom, excuse me." I said and he just nodded.

Once I left, he made his way to pay for his order. A few minutes later I came out.

"I had a great time talking to you." He told me.

"Me too, it was nice."

"Till we meet again, cupcake lover." He took my hand and gave it a kiss.

Oh my God, just his touch sent shivers and made my stomach do flips. "Bye, stranger." I smiled and he made his way out.

"Nothing like meeting a cute stranger, right." The lady said.

"Yup, doubt I'll see him again." I sighed.

"I have a feeling you will." She smiled and gave me the cupcake box.

"He already paid for it, enjoy."

Okay then, free cupcakes and a hot stranger, It turned out to be a good day.

Before going home I decided to make a stop. "Mommy misses you so much." I said as tears started to fall.

"I wish you were alive, my sweet baby boy."

"He would be three." I turned to see Kyle.

"Yeah, he was the cutest." I said while wiping my tears.

Meet Kyle Fields, my ex boyfriend. We were in love once upon a time, that was till tragedy happened.

Mateo was only seven months old, he had a heart condition. One day I came from school and he wasn't breathing, we rushed to the hospital and it was late. I know, we were young, but we're teenagers we let the heat of the moment get to us.

"Kyle, I miss him so much."

"Me too, everyday." He wiped my tears. He became my best friend.

"I'll come back tomorrow, baby boy." We both left the graveyard.

"I'm home."

"Hey, princess." He hugged me, he didn't need to ask why my eyes were puffy. Everyday I go to the graveyard.

"One day, that little piece in your heart will be healed."

"I know, thanks dad."

"I'm here for you." He wiped my tears. I just smiled and made my way to my room.

Around 7 pm I opened the cupcake box, there was a note.

I had a great time talking to you, cupcake lover. Everyday at the same time I come to this bakery, hope to see you again.

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