Chapter Thirty-Four

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Dear Vivian,

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Dear Vivian,

I'll keep this letter brief as I've never been fond of writing, nor am I one to be in touch with many affectionate words. However, due to recent events, I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. Thank you for being you and thank you for the things you do because whether you believe it or not, you leave lasting impressions with people and you have helped them in more ways than one....including myself...and an acquaintance of mine. Turns out the world is smaller than I think it is some days.


Setting down the quill back in the inkwell, Ringo glanced up from his letter to Vivian before folding the piece of parchment paper so that he could send it off later on in the Owlery. There was a small hint of a smile on his face, hoping that Vivian would appreciate him reaching out to her.

"Well, someone looks pleased with himself, " Tonks' voice rang out in the Common Room, drawing his attention over in her direction, " what do you have there? A love letter? Written to..I don't know...Lyris?"

For a moment, he was fully prepared to tell Tonks to stick her head in the fireplace and leave him be, seeing as she was coming up with such an idea. A love letter? Had she completely lost what was left of her small little mind? However, seeing the suspicious look on her face as her eyes were focused on the letter in his hand, he couldn't help but feel a teasing notion take over him.

"Am I sensing a bit of jealousy on your behalf, Nymphadora?" he questioned, turning his back to her with a triumphant look. He was certain he had captured a glimpse of her hair turning the colour to match the fire in the fireplace. Seconds later, she was stomping over and standing right in front of him.

"Jealous!? Of what? I was simply asking if you were writing a love letter, it was a joke! And once again, don't call me-"

"Yes, yes, don't call me Nymphadora, " he mimicked her voice in a mocking manner, " honestly, get a new line, would you? You're beginning to sound like quite the broken record."

"Well, maybe if you listened the first time around I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself!"

Ringo leaned forward on the table before him, folding his hands and smirking right at her. " Perhaps if you said something worth listening to, I would actually tune in a listening ear. But usually what you have to say ends up boring me."

With an offended look, Tonks folded her arms over her chest, only adding to Ringo's victorious moment, glad that he could get such a reaction out of her.

"So, I guess I'm right," she said in return, " you are writing a love letter of some sort. That's why you're trying to cover with all your "witty" remarks and such. It makes sense though, you've been spending all your free time with Lyris in between classes, I could only assume it was a matter of time. I mean, she's pretty so, you know, congratulations there... I suppose."

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