1. TsukkiYama: Supermarket Flowers

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Tsukishima's POV

I slowly walked away from the school building, tired after practice. I start walking slowly towards home feeling like I forgot something, then I got a text. I look at the contact and see it is Akiteru. I don't even want to hear from him, but I read it anyway, "Lil' Bro Shima, don't you dare forget mom's birthday stuff."

So that's what I forgot, I was so caught up with school and volleyball I forgot mom's birthday was next week. I use my phone and try to find where the nearest flower shop and bakery are. I see there is a bakery and flower shop about five minutes away. I quickly text him back and start running towards the shops. I have no clue what kind of flowers to get her, but I will just ask the worker.

While I was trying to think of everything I need to get for mom I arrived at the bakery. I slowly walked in and I am overwhelmed with the smell of baked goods. I walk and see none other than Suga. I quickly think to myself, "Is this why he has been leaving practice early."

Slowly, I walk further in and quietly say, "Um hey Suga..."

He quickly turns around not expecting to see me and smiles when he sees me. "Hey Tsukishima, can I help you with anything?"

"Umm actually yes... My mom's birthday is coming up and my brother will kill me if I don't get a cake, but I don't know what kind to get." I say not really liking asking for help. I'm supposed to be the one who doesn't care about anything but my mom is my top priority.

He quickly looks up surprised and says, "Well you can never go wrong with vanilla, unless she is allergic. If she is you could do chocolate, but she could be allergic to that too..."

He keeps going on about all these different cakes when I interrupt him. "Umm Suga I'll just do a vanilla cake...also can I have a strawberry shortcake?"

He smiles, "Of course, let me go get those ready for you. You can either stay here or I can text you when they are done."

I give him a small smile and replied, "I have to go get flowers so I will just comeback."

I pay and start to walk out and I hear him yell, "I'll see you later Tsukishima! You should go to the flower shop next door just be nice to the boy that works there, he is super shy."

I just wave as a walk out and make my way next door to the flower shop. I look at the sign and read the name, Yamaguchi Family Flowers. That last name sounds very familiar but I brush it off and walk inside. A little bell rings and I see a boy about my age, with greenish hair and freckles scattered across his cheeks, come running from the back blush covering his face. I watch him and think, haha he looks like a strawberry.

He looks up at me and quickly looks down and says, "H-hi welcome t-to Y-yamaguchi Family F-flowers, h-how can I-i help y-you?"

Suga was right, he is super shy. "I need some flowers for my mom, her favorite color is purple..." I say

He looks up and gives a small smile. "Well we have Verbena, Lavender, Clematis, Bellflower, Dwarf Iris, Balloon Flower, Lily of the Nile, Anemone, Cattleya Orchid, Lilac, Lisianthus, Aster, and Morning Glory." He says happily leading me around the shop, not stuttering at all.

I just stand there and say, "Um what is the difference?"

He lets out a little giggle and says, "I should have guessed, I just really like flowers. If you want I could just put together a bouquet for you?"

I smile slightly trying to be nice, "That would be great."

He smiles back and starts going around grabbing a bunch of the different purple flowers, mixing in some blue and white ones too. I slowly walk over and say, "So um do you go to school around here?"

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