I'm Back

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Hey there guys, your author is back and still kicking (and alive) 

I will be releasing the next chapter that all of you had been anticipating now this past few days and I will be working on with my other neglected books in order to make it up to you guys for waiting. 

Thank you again for all the supports from you all and I would like to thanked you all ladies or gentlemen for believing me.

And I have this new idea while I was resting the past days. 

Let me give you back up information of the next book that I will be making in the near by future haha.

The new book that had been lingering to my mind and kept pestering me on my rest days and not letting me have a shut eye in the evening it's all about detective and shit.

I know I know it might sound boring and all but as I say it's  all about detective, you know. Solving mysteries, finding criminals and having an adventure.

I'm getting out of topic, aren't I?

As I was trying to say AGAIN.

The book is all about Tsuna, a boy who loves the concept of solving crimes and mysteries, a boy who enjoys the feeling of being left alone and dislike it when someone bothered him.

As he grew older his passion of solving crimes and mysteries grew even stronger that he began to learn all the stuff about being a detective as he starts to experiment random things and forced his brain to take all the information at once.

Once he was old enough he moved to Italy and applied as a part-time detective. 

In this story there will be no flames and it's all about normal life, there won't be a smut.........ehem.

All the guardians will be living as a normal civilians which means they will not know that existence of the name of Sawada Tsunayoshi 

Now as I work on this book, I will be giving you all my dear readers a task.

and before I announce on what task that will be I'm going to ask your opinions on this book that I will be working on again. I know that I am pushing myself on my limits because of my other neglected books. But meh. I'm stubborn as fuck.

Now to the task. 

I want you all to pick who will be Tsuna's partner in crime on this book and who will be the main the antagonist of the story.

That's all for now guys and once again. Thank you for everything and I'll  be waiting for your responses.

Thank you all for supporting this book and Thank you the 1k+ votes and a 190+ followers. I wasn't really expecting that this book will receive that amount of votes considering that I only made this book for fun haha. Again than you for your support and everything. Love you guys.

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