Chapter 32- Daniel's POV

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Chapter 32- Daniel's POV

I get the text during eighth period. My Algebra II teacher, Mr. Pratt, is scribbling out the formula for calculating the area of a circle while the rest of the class, with the exception of a few math nerds, are nodding off in their seats or secretly texting on their phones underneath their desks. I have my head down on my desk, my phone tucked inside the side pocket of my backpack, when I notice the screen light up. With my head still down, I reach out my hand and grab my phone out of the side pocket and hide it underneath my desk, seeing who the text is from. At first I assume the text will be from Jose Martinez, one of my friends that I went to school with back in Miami. I had been texting him practically the entire class last period because I didn't give a fuck about history and the Persian Gulf War, just like I didn't give a fuck about learning how to graph circles in Algebra II. However, the text that I just got isn't from Jose.

I'll be waiting by my car near the entrance to the Senior parking lot at 3:00. Don't be late high school boy ;)

My heart starts to pound as I read it and I can feel the sweat starting to gather around the base of my neck as well as in the palms of hands. I swallow hard and read the text over one last time before shutting my phone off and putting it back in my backpack. I then glance up at the clock on the wall across from where I'm sitting and see that it's already almost 2:40. Just twenty more minutes. Twenty more minutes until I see her again.


It's now 3:00, only according to my phone it's now 3:01. I'm walking across the Senior parking lot where kids are already piling into their SUVs and Jeep Cherokees, blasting rap music or, in the case of three rowdy white girls, Katy Perry. I even spot Mr. Pratt, slipping into his black Honda Accord, shooting daggers at these two black guys, Jamal and Chris, who just started rapping along to Lil Wayne's "Six foot seven foot" while pulling out of the lot. I can't help but smirk a little at this and wave to Jamal and Chris who drive past me, both of them giving me head nods. Once they're gone, I only have to walk a few more feet until I reach the end of the parking lot, and then I start walking on the sidewalk that slopes down towards a side street, past the baseball fields and the tennis courts. Instead of the usual bright green Jeep I'm used to seeing her drive, Lexie is leaning up against a silver Toyota Prius. There's a smirk playing on her full pink lips and her long dark brown hair flows past her shoulders and over her breasts. She's only wearing a grey tank top and ripped black denim shorts. She looks like she just got back from a run judging by her wild and alert green eyes and her slick golden skin.

"There you are," She says, her mouth twisting into a wide grin.

"Here I am," I reply. I am now standing in front of her and I watch her push herself off of the car door and she opens it for me.

"Well don't just stand there, get in," she says playfully.

I do as she says and climb into the car, sliding across the back seat and tossing my backpack onto the passenger seat up front. I then hear the door close and turn to see Lexie sliding in next to me, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. For a few seconds I adjust myself in the seat until I am fully comfortable and then cast my gaze over towards her, wondering what my first move should be. But she's already one step ahead of me.

"What are you waiting for?" She asks me, "Nobody can see us."

I let her lean into me and she kisses me on the mouth, her lips tasting like cherries. "You don't know how much I've missed you today," She murmurs into my ear, "It totally sucks ass that you're still in high school. But you only have two more weeks left until the summer, so that's good."

Before I can make out a reply, I feel her tongue graze my ear and she licks it lightly before placing it inside my mouth. Realizing that words are hardly necessary in this situation, I place my hands firmly around her waist and pull her down with me, until we're both lying on top of each other in the back seat. I continue to kiss her luscious lips, and then her nose, her eyelids, and both of her ears. She then readjusts the way she is positioned on top of me, so that she's sitting up straight in a straddling position. She tilts her head towards me until I can feel her wavy locks tickling my chin. "Touch my breasts," she whispers.

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