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Out of the Sky.. to a shimmering green field in a dark forest, with the faintest grey wisps of a mountain behind it. The sky darkens at the top , revealing falling stars. A pit.. with smooth grey stones and bizarre swirls carved into its edges, old.. cave paintings. A juxtaposition of a dark pit below.. and a darkening sky.. above..A battle.. Stacked..with an unmistakable Smell of Dry Bones clinging to each other.. Level upon level.. Dry Blood on Grey bone extends To a cool mist of Dark sky, raging across multiples planes of rock. Up.. from darkness, towards light. A figure Succumbed by Silence Cloaked..deep in thought speaks: "Why do we fear the dark?" A flickering thought.. gleaming A sword: with a Crystal in its handle..Three Blades embedded Deep within the Skin of the surface..course yet smooth to the touch.. One Glowing, Stained,Fire Red Blade along side a Sharp, Dark, Abyss colored middle,stabbing the rock surface. Matched.. by One Frozen, Blue, piece of jagged weaponry.. with each piercing object cradled in its Ancient Winged handle.The Winged Guards on either side forcing yours eyes to peer deeper towards the Pommel housing the Crystal With what reveals Ghostly bombardments of a yellow illuminated FANGED slithering apparition entangled with A ghostly Fire misted MAIDEN with eerie white strands imprisoning her by a harsh Terrifying glowing white abdomen portraying the markings of a circular red eye, Eight legged SP(EYE)DER..spiraling around them.. a translucent, greenish, streaking mist of a Flying Winged Moth Fury and THORNED..


"It's not the dark itself."..The Cloaked figure surrenders to the night: Flashing back..A fallen warrior of allegiance, in deep red metallic suits with a stoic black winged emblem falling, spiraling down dead.filling with light, sounds of shouting and swinging swords.The sky above..the light..the battlefield, with small stars flecked along the 'ceiling " What we fear is often within ourselves." The Cloaked figure speaks to the sky:The darkness..on the side of the battlefield that now has two figures alongside it. figures dash and fight in the background. The Cloaked figure accusatory questioning the open air: "How.. fear..begins.." Fighters.. in the center..reveals..a left curved horn metal head and blue eyes

Emerging from the left a red metal, suited,Warrior with a black cape: INDIGOSION.. As a blazing red eye

storming from the right in a black metal suit..a red caped Warrior: HELTHRAWNA

The Cloaked figure solemn: "Long ago"..The Warriors..Circling each other over the bodies..three slain.. One Declypse and Two Drenel soldiers. The horned metal, clutching a glowing tipped, hooked spear.. a Scaylon,..grinning ear to ear, while the Black armored knight with blazing red eyes squinting, mouth puckered, reaches for their Scaylon..Charging..with Scaylon purposed thrusting a swinging Attack To knock The Horned Metal down...As This horned Blue, Eyed Demon in last a second-sidesteps, a movement swirling up dust from the battlefield floor readying a stab at their rivals back, only to look up and see..A black metal suit-flashing red before the warriors eyes twisting in the air, just above a blue tipped glowing Scaylon.

The Cloaked figure, quickens his conversation to the night with forceful rhythm: "...we grew apart." The blue eyed demon falls back with a split in two Scaylon, landing near the edge of the pit. The Cloaked figure, Playfully Snarling:"The pretty."

A Black armored knight with blazing red eyes stands over The blue eyed demon warrior with their Scaylon. With both hands, they raise their glowing tipped, spear over their head and prepare to execute a thrust into blue eyed horned metals head. The Cloaked figure, regretfully low utters: "The strong." In a blue eye..A demon strikes and grabs the arms of frozen red eyed black metal suit..rising to their feet.. with a cackle.. Filling up the battlefield and echoing into the cauldron walls of the pit below. Low, light illuminating reveals.. a struggle of Black metal ..divided by.. Red Metal with Black Metal Struggling.. and battling red, and black cloth around them..

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