Chapter 8

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When Lauren had said that her own father needed to be put in jail she felt her heart break. The man Camila had described was not her father, it was a monster. Anger began to fill up in Lauren.

"Normani we need to find him we can't just let him go!" Lauren yelled to her wife."Okay babe I know this is a lot right now but you have to calm down, for Camila's sake." Normani said to her wife.

Lauren let out an angry sigh and looked down at the terrified child in her arms. Lauren wiped the girl's tears."Its all going to be okay baby." Lauren said comforting the child."S-stop daddy." Camila cried out."We will sweetheart." Normani said.

"Mama?" Came Dinah's voice in the doorway. Both mothers turned to see their daughter standing there with a sad expression on her face. Her bottom lip trembled.

The girl had heard everything and her face showed it."Grandpa... Hurt her." Dinah asked sadly pointing to Camila who waa still wrapped in Laurens arms.

"Oh baby." Normani said going and wrapping the child in a hug."Baby mommy and I need to talk so we need you to go sit in your room and wait for us." Normani ordered gently.

"But but Papa."

"Dinah baby we need you to wait in your room, please." Lauren begged slightly.

Dinah nodded and ran off to her room."Baby why don't you go play with Dj in her room while Mani and I talk." Lauren told the small girl.

"No no I wanna stay, no leave." Camila whined tightening her hold on Lauren."I know baby but we'll be right here. You won't be alone sweetheart Dj will be right there with you." Lauren said.

Camila was obviously very clingy at the moment. She didn't want to leave Lauren's arms, she was safe there."It's all going to be okay baby no need to cry." Normani said placing her hand on Camila's cheek.

It took both mothers a good 20 minutes to get Camila to release her tight gripe on Lauren and go into the room with Dinah.

They now sat in the room by themselves and Lauren was pacing across the room angrily.

"What should we do we can't just call him, he will just lie." Normani said.

"I can contact my police captain and start a warrant for his arrest."

Normani was surprised at how Lauren was showing no emotion at the situation. It was as if all her feelings for her father turned cold in an instant.

Lauren was good at hiding her emotions though, and Normani knew this.

"Babe talk to me, your not okay and I know that. Just let your feelings out."

Lauren paused for a minute. She starred down at the floor and one year after another began to fall from her eyes.

Normani got up and wrapped her arms tightly around her wife."He's a monster Mani. He lied to me." Lauren cried tearfully.

"I hate him."

Just hearing Lauren say this also filled Normani with anger. Lauren had never felt so lied to before. Her father had a whole nother family that he hid from them. And to think about him having another kid who he treated like garbage hurt Lauren like a knife.

She couldn't keep in how she was feeling anymore. Lauren collapsed in Normani's arms. Normani wrapped her arms tightly her sobbing wife."How did I not realize this before. I can't believe I let him near Camila again, or even near Dinah after what He's done. I'm such an idiot!"  Lauren cried bitterly.

"Hey hey hey you ate not an idiot. There was no way we could have known, he lied to all of us. Now I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you talk like this. This isn't the strong, confident woman I married who could get through anything that was thrown at her." Normani said wiping the woman's tears.

"We are going to get this straight together, you don't have to do it alone.  Now there is a little girl in there who needs someone to be there for her and help her to be stong." Normani stated.

"Your right. You always give the best pep talks." Lauren said with a small laugh as she wiped away some more tears that had made their way out her eyes.

Normani ran her hand through Lauren's hair and was a bout to say something but she was interrupted by Lauren's phone ringing loudly.

Lauren retrevied the item from the bedside table."It's my mom." Lauren said with a scared look on her face.

"It's okay Babe just breath. Are you going to tell her?"

"No not Now. Not till we're completely sure."

Lauren answered the phone timidly."Hello?" She said.

"Hey honey I'm sorry to bother you but have you heard from your father at all? I woke up this morning and he was gone, he isn't answering his phone either. I'm starting to get worried."

"What? N-no I haven't heard from him at all day.  Do you have any idea at all where he could be?"

"No I don't know. And also some of his things are gone like he just packed up and left. Why would he leave me?"

"It's gonna be okay mom calm down. I'm gonna alert my station and we will find him I promise."

"O-okay thank you sweetheart."

When she hung up Lauren turned to Normani."That son of a b**** knew we were on to him and he packed up and left." Lauren said throwing her phone on the bed angrily.

"He left! Just like that?" Normani said shocked.

"Without a trace." Lauren replied.

Normani let put a frustrated sigh and sat down on the bed with her head in her hands. This was too much.

How could one family deal with all of this.

Sorry this was so short but I hope it got you interested for the next chapters because they're gonna be a roller coaster. Also Imma try and update Die for you next so look out for that.

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