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It was Sunday night and Shanks was in the kitchen cooking dinner while you were chilling with the boys in the living room.

You had your head on Laws lap taking your usual pre-dinner nap with Zoro who was using you as a pillow while he had his legs on Killers lap, he sat next to Law and Luffy was sprawled out across the floor, watching Evil Lives here on Destination America.

Kid let out a slight yawn as he stretched his limbs then laid back in his recliner, it's costume made leather groaning from the movement. " Dinner is done! Come and eat!" Shanks called from the kitchen. Everyone got up and shuffled to the kitchen, Law sighed realizing that it was now up to him to wake you and Zoro up.

" Zoro-ya, ___-ya wake up the foods done" he cupped both sides of your face and wiggled it side to side while nudging Zoro's side with his foot.

' Mmmm...what is touching me?' you thought and lift your eyelids slightly to see a pair of silver eyes staring at you. " Morning sleepy head" law chuckled " If you sleep all day then Luffy will eat all your food."

That woke you up. You rose to your feet and proceeded to bite Zoros pants leg and tug him off the couch and on the floor. Shaking your head violently and made his body shake back and forth until he got up and started yelling " Oi! Cut that shit out dammit!!" He went to reach for his pants but you quickly dragged him into the kitchen.

He squirmed and yelled when you turned the corner and dragged him to his seat. You finally let go of his leg and nagged him with a spring of barks ' Hurry up and sit before Luffy eats your food idiot!' You implied through your barking. He hushed you by flicking your nose harshly before sitting down.

' Dick ' you huffed as you rubbed at your nose with your paw. You skipped happily to your food corner to find a variety of goods. There were seven huge turkey legs, a whole chicken, a mountain of berries, and a bowl filled with bones, gravy, and scraps. Drooling up a storm you plunged into your meal, savoring every bite.

Everyone at the table engaged in a conversation on small subjects in their daily lives and school was one of them. You always wondered what school was, being a werewolf you couldn't exactly just decided to randomly go to school. It's troublesome actually, little things that wolves do could get us caught easily by the monster hunters of the R.O.M.C.C.

You stopped eating.

'H-how do I...that?'

You lost your memory...didn't you?

Sighing you pushed the thought aside for later and continued to eat your food.

Kid decided to ignore the topic Shanks had brought up about his constant detentions and behavior at school. He sighed and turned his head to steal a glance of you. He raised a nonexistent eyebrow " Hey " he said " is it me or did ___ get...bigger?"

His question earned a confused look from the teens and they all shared a glance at you. They eyed your body up and down as you were occupied with stuffing your face in a bowl to lick it clean. Shanks hums and smiles " ____ come here girl" he cooed. Hearing his call you perk up and trot over to him. Bringing your bowl to tag along you set it on his lap then wag your tail. 'Feed me human that I love!' You demanded in your mind and your look said it all. He smiled down at you and grabbed the bowl and placed it on the table " Of Course you can have more sweetie but daddy wants to see how tall you are that okay?" He asked and you barked in agreement.

He leads you to the back porch where there was a small corner that connected the dining room and the porch.

You walked over and stood with your head pressed up to the wall. He picked up a blue crayon from a shelf and quickly jotted down your height before reading it aloud for the boys to hear " 5 foot...5?!" The boys jumped and ran to the porch to find Shanks trembling slightly, clutching onto the crayon for comfort before it snapped in half.

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