#1 - Anvil Awaits

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A seed was planted with love and light,
None could stop her, she growed with her might.
Vandalizing her dreams came impositions unknown,
I rendered my heart upon the braver grace shown.
Life was what she desired, obdurate remorse was all lost.

Going into the lottery of thoughts,
On her way she laid her feet in areas of drought.
Twinkling still, she never lost her light,
Thinking thatvwhatever's lost, He will suffice.
Living her ambitions, she shunned hatred lodged while
Innumerable happiness, employ'd with ravenous rails prevailed.
Etched on an epitaph still, will be an inscription so wry,
Because "Anvil Awaits , Awaits more impediments to fight."


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|| An acrostic poem ||

|| A poem about myself , thanks to Enchanted_Versifier's Challenge! I explored my boundaries very well <3 ( They're too High though,ughhh )  ||

|| To be very very honest , I'm in love with the last few lines and though I wrote this in a hurry , I'm happy with the outcome ||

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