Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Harrys P.O.V

I anxiously wait on the couch for her to come home. It's been fifteen minutes and she hasn't come home yet. I just wanted to see her safe and home. I didn't care whether she wanted to talk or not I just wanted to see her safe.

I look back at the night and I regret saying all I did. I scrunch my face, I shouldn't have said some things I did. I would have cared so much if she was kidnapped and I just told her I wouldn't care if it happened. I couldn't live with that guilt if it happened and I hoped it upon her. How horrible could I have been?

I rest my elbows on my knees and run my hands through my day old hair.

I shouldn't have fucked the waitress either. Though, I don't regret it. Anna will be over it soon, I am sure. I'm convinced she will forgive me. I am convinced she will be so pained and hurt after walking home in heels that she will forgive me. And I'll forgive her too.

I'm having mixed feelings that I have never felt before. I wouldn't have felt sorry for her or felt sorry for myself or regretted anything I did to her but I do now. I don't know why there is a sudden change in how I feel about my actions but I do now that I have met Anna.

I still think with my dick though, I'll be a man and admit that. I'm a man if I admit that, right?

I have to remember, got to be a king to get my queen.

I hear the beep of the card being swiped across the door and I snatch my head to the door waiting for her to walk in. She opens the door but I don't see her till she shuts the door, turns and looks up from the door and sees me on the couch. Her face is broken, tear stains on her cheek and her jaw and there is redness in her eyes, cheeks, and nose they are highly visible. Her shoes are in her hands and her feet are close to black and dirty. Her curled hair has now dropped and lays over her shoulders in a straight mess.

I stood up quickly to give her a hug but her hand stops me. She stares at me and I can't do much. Her hand inches from my chest stopping me from touching her. 'Anna-' she cuts me off from my whisper by raising her hand to my mouth. She doesn't touch me but he shuts me up. She steps back and turns to walk down the hall and to her room.

I wait a few minutes till I go up to the door and I knock on it. I wasn't giving up on her this easily. If I got to work for her I will. But I hear no response.

'Anna, I've said I was sorry enough today and I am. Don't be this stubborn, please. I regret doing it. I was in there and I knew I was going to hurt you but I don't know what consumed me to keep doing what I was doing. She kept going and I couldn't just stop, Anna. It's kinda hard to stop while being ridden- that doesn't matter- what I'm trying to say is I was stupid to know what I was doing and the effect it would have on you and I still did it and for that, I am so sorry, Anna.' I keep talking to a white door and nothing responds and I can't blame her.

'I lied too, obviously, I didn't go to the bathroom- I mean I did but not for anything you're supposed to do in a bathroom. I lied and yes again, I am sorry. And I don't see why you're so mad because I bought no girl home. Technically, I only brought you home so I didn't break any promises-'

The door swings open and it cuts me off from my sentence. The wind from the door wipes at her hair and her eyes fill with tears again. Dammit, Harry.

My eyes were wide and I jumped back at the sudden movement of hers and she stares at me long before she speaks. 'I thank you for not bringing another bitch home. That... I am happy for but I am mad at the lack of pure respect that you don't hold any of. No, kind man asks a girl on a lovely date and fucks the waitress. It's disgusting, Harry. You are disgusting.' She spits and I tense up. I can feel my jaw clench against my skin.

'Don't fucking insult me, Anna.' I growl at her. I could feel the heat in my body rise again. She aggravated me and I fucking hated it at this point.

'You lied too, you prick you lied to me. To my fucking face!' she raised her voice and points to her face. The face that is broken because of me. The tears kept falling and she kept sobbing and it kept breaking my heart.

'I came here, to be happier Harry...' she whispered that and it crushed me, I wasn't making it any better for her. Her eyes stared into my soul and she kept beating it up. ' look at me. I'm in agony.' She shakes at her own words and she shuts the door on me.

I bow my head down to the ground and I sigh into my hands that covered my face. It took all my power to push my tears away. The door then suddenly opens again and before I could look back at her, her hand came to my chest and pushed me to the nearby wall.

'If you ever bring up kidnapping again...' she points at me with her other hand and her scrunched up angry face was scaringly cute. I stared down at her with my hands on her wrist that held my chest to the wall. She struggles to find her words to complete the sentence. ' don't want to fucking know.' she lets go quickly and rushes back into her room.

It pondered me as to why she was so defensive on kidnapping. I know it's a touchy subject but why did it bother her so much. There was so much to learn about this girl and not only was I excited to find out but I was scared.

I look to the roof and mentally pray she will be alright tonight. I won't call up a girl tonight, not tonight at least. I will let her have a good night rest if that means I will be in some sort of good book.

I make my way to my bedroom, I undress and clean myself before I head to bed. I lay in bed and I lean over to charge my phone before I close my eyes and I am left with my own thoughts walking in my mind.

She was a crazy one for sure. She was a sweet one for sure. I had to prepare to fight for her if I wanted her in the spot I'm lying in right now, whether it was sexual or sensational. I wanted her. I had to have her. I wanted to touch her and experience every part of her as mine. I liked her, I did very much and that I will never truly admit to her, neither myself.

I scoff as I think about it. I like her. Of course, I do, she's a friend, whether I liked her more then that, now that was impossible. I wouldn't like a girl like that.

I just wanted her. And I wanted her badly. I craved her really, her touch, her lips...her body. I craved it all and I wanted it so bad. I will drop dead if I can't have her soon. Ever since I was younger I never wanted a girl so much in my life till now, I didn't understand where my heart was taking me.

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