15 (Words)

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"Ugh namjoon, do you have a charger?" Jin was staring at his phone in disappointment. "They said it doesn't lose charge when you don't use it."

The younger laughed and gave him a charger. "Here, it's a bit slow though." Once namjoon had passed jin the charger, jin had noticed how upset he looked.

"What's wrong? Is everyhing okay?" Jin put his hand on namjoon's shoulder lightly.

"Nothing, there's this kinda good friend I made on snapchat but now I think she's angry with me." Namjoon shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes, throwing his phone next to him.

Jin instantly froze. He forgot to text namjoon back. But his phone's dead. "Just wait till the morning." Jin mumbled but namjoon could not hear as he was fast asleep on the sofa.

"Uh, namjoon? Namjoon?" Jin shook namjoon's shoulders and woken him up, which kinda pissed him off.


"Sorry for waking you up but I don't know where to sleep." Jin looked at his feet, guilty that he had ruined his life savers sleep. Namjoon pointed at the seat next to him.

"Y-you want me to sleep next to you?" Jin gulped. Seen as he was gay it was not a good idea.

"It's fine. no homo bro." The younger yawned and drifted off into his own fantasy world.

That's the thing.

Gay = boy + boy = love/se-

"Shut up jin!" Jin wiped all his dirty thoughts and slept next to namjoon.

His eyes slowly grew heavy and it was hard to keep them open.

ugh i made this in may dont judge ok

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