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jungkook suddenly pecked you in your cheek, then immediately falling beside you whilst he laugh so hard, to the point he almost feel down the bed.

yeah with only a freaking tOweL.

it took you half a minute to register what the heck just happened, before you get up and kneeled on the bed and punch the hot laughing man.

but then when he's a bit calmed down, he instantly got red and rolled over to hide his face, and show you his masculine back that leaves you breathless– but that doesn't matter now.

you: suddenly shy, huh? bro after that you'll act as if i'm the one who made a freaking move— and bro can liek please put a shirt on. if you dare to say an innuendo, imma seriously kick your balls.

you went to the bathroom, as if it's yours and not jungkook's. just as you turned around from locking the door, you instantly screamed at the top of your lungs.

you heared jungkook's fast footsteps as he runs to an another room that he closed with a loud thud.

boi he just saw you almost half naked. why the fuck didn't you notice this before? well, you're too damn flustered over the fact that you almost kissed— jungkook almost kissed you, but then he gave you a peck instead (ohohohoho inStEad).

you let out a deep breathe and stripped yourself as you try to forget what the fuck just happened.

after half a minute, you went out with a bathrobe– that is surely jungkook's but you do not care. thoughitsmelledlikehimyiieiEEieiiiei

Before you open the door fully, you opened it a bit, looking through the small gap, to check if Jungkook is in the room. You sighed in relief that he isn't inside. So you just stepped out of the room.

You went to a room that you don't know whose room it is, but you just put your things there. You searched through your bag to find clothes. You picked a black shirt and tucked it inside a dark blue jeans. then you put on your low-cut black converse. of course, you didn't forget to wear a coat, because it's so chilly outside.

grabbing your phone, you went downstairs only to get asked by your mom about where you are going, that you just told her you need a coffee.


You: Mom, where is my room?

Mom: It's beside Jungkook's room. But you can't sleep there yet.

You: What? Why?!

Mom: It's still empty there. Don't worry you could sleep there once it's arranged.

You: But can I take a look?

She nodded her head.

You went upstairs, thinking where is Jungkook's room.

'Oh there it is.' You walked pass his room, and stopped at the right side, which has a door.

You slowly opened it. It's dark, since it's already night. You searched for the switch, which is just near the door. Then you clicked it.

It's just an empty space, no bed, eMptY. You sighed. 'How can this big house, have a huge room, but it is just empty.

You went to your mom, asking where you're going to sleep.

'I can't sleep when I'm with someone.'

You're not going to sleep actually. You just want to lie down. And even if you want to sleep, you can't. Because you drinked a coffee earlier. You only drinked coffee, because you thought you can arrange your things.

You: Aish..

'Where is Jungkook, anyways? i'm bored, i wanna annoy him.'

You slammed his door open.

But what you saw next, made you stiff.


Y'all I'm back.
Sorry for making you wait.

Tae really biased wrecked me there.
Like for real. What is bias anyway..
His voice ugh it's so deeeepepndmsmskakakk

The concept photos.
I died.
Idk how many times I died because of them.
Them lowkey endorsing Calvin Klein

Btw, have a good day!

idk when i wrote this

[note: i'm literally cringing while editing this, like why would you suddenly want to annoy him, right? whduhnzkwjamk wtf am i writing]


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