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Hello dear ones.

I know this is not an original idea or anything, and it's not planned whatsoever. It just popped up in my head yesterday and I thought , maybe the Random series could use a book for names...?

There will be two chapters for each letter of the alphabet. One for boy names and one for girl names. I'm not planning to put a long list in each, but rather a few names only, off the top of my head, because I don't want this to be a long boring book. That's completely the opposite of what this series stand for. At least I try. :D

Warning!! I may or may not add my friends' and characters' names on here, so watch out. 😁

Any name suggestions?? Please comment them here and I'll try to post them too in their proper chapters. 👉

I hope you find this book as amusing and helpful as the rest of the series..

Thank you so much in advance.

Much love


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