11 (Words)

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"Hello what would you like today, sir?" Jin was already a professional at this job and he was proud.

"One latte and maybe a bit of you.."

The older still didn't get was the man said but kept smiling and nodding.

"Perfect then, here's my number and my address and I'll see you at 9 pm sharp" The man winked at jin, who was confused but awkwardly waved back.

Maybe he just wanted a friend?

Before the man could get out he stopped and turned towards jin "by the way, it's gonna hurt you a lot" Then left.

"Uhh sir what about your latte?" The older's voice got quieter and quieter.

He shook his head then carried on doing his work.

All he could think about at that time is he is going to make a new friend at 9 pm sharp

Little did he know, namjoon was listening.

Yeah okay.

i was editing this and i cringed

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