15. Taking a Dangerous Risk

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"Have you lost your mind?" Killian yelled at Trisha.

"Apparently I have. I am trusting you two." She answered back.

Back in her hometown, she was sitting in Sage's room with a recording camera, Killian, Sage and a dog. She made her required appearance at her home just to satiate the authorities. Her changed appearance shocked many and she blamed it on Sage saying that is how her soulmate liked it.

"If you do this Trisha, there is no helping or saving you," Sage said in a grave tone.

"Oh, and you are interested now?" She challenged him to contradict.

Sage just inhaled sharply and kept his mouth shut as he worked to fix the camera set up.

"That will keep my family safe." She mumbled, "And you guys can go your own way."

There was no changing the fact that she was caring even to people she was angry with now. Both the boys looked at surprised at her words but neither of them responded.

It took seven recordings to let go of her fear and act like a classy bitch owning up to who she was and not fear the damn rules. She never even broke rules at school, simple rules like not to use the expensive brush for usual day practice or get to school late or even bunk a class.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she confessed on how she was unmatched, how her family had no clue and how she hated the system and that it didn't give a chance for anyone to love, the purest emotion there is.

It surprised herself with the way her video was made and how much she had to say it out loud. She was a loner all her life and now that she had a chance to make friends it turned out that she will always be an outcast.

"Now all we need to do is spread this." She said looking at Sage.

Having the most influential figure as the father in town, it will be easy for Sage to reach the media.


They say love is nothing but a science, that it has a formula and prescribed steps. They say it can be made at lab and anyone and everyone can fall in love and with the right mix of DNA, they decide who to fall in love with. 

Then why do we love our parents?

Why do we love our pets or certain characters?

They said various things but they never look into loopholes.

When the video of a rebel Trisha spread like a wildfire, everyone was shocked. No one thought that the girl next door will cause the havoc.

She mocked her family in the video saying how big a fool they were to believe in this kind of system putting them out of danger. She proudly stated how she tried luring Killian in putting him in line for sympathy and that left Sage who will be tested as she was turned out to be not matched but on records, she was matched with Sage.

"no one will believe this and I will be re-tested," Sage said as he rewatched the video now viral.

She said that she manipulated the DNA test and trapped Sage into being her DNA partner.

"I just put my family's security above yours, Sage, do you feel betrayed." She said in a bored tone trying her best to hide the fear that was building in her.

"No, I feel relieved." His words didn't make sense to her.

"How long are you going to hide though?" He asked and sat down next to her.

They were both in Sage's outhouse attic.

"I don't know."She just took a reckless decision and now she was clueless as to what she should do.

"You are going to be taken Either you will be killed or you will be made a lab rat. They will be testing new treatments on you."

"Sage, stop talking.  I hate you right now and your deception will never be forgiven." She said.

He remembered kissing her and regretted what he did even after his heart told him not to. He actually left her to die. And it was not her fault that his father died, he just blamed her for it. Now he knew it and he wanted to make amends.

"I can help you to get to Brandeds." He said in a low tone.

"Who?" She was genuinely shocked.

"You don't know about Brandeds?"

She waited for him to get over the surprise and answer her question.

"Group of unmatched and raw DNA."

"There are no such people around." She contradicted.

"Well there is, there are few but there is."

Silence fell between them and she realized the magnitude of her actions. She would have once thought that brandeds were criminals if someone mentioned but now she was actually thinking of finding a refuge with them.

"So I will never see my family again." She asked in a small voice.

"I wish we met just by pure coincidence, like fate, and with no restraints," Sage said looking at her thoughtfully.

"Then we would have never met Sage."

"Why do you think that?" 

"Because you would have never given a second look to someone like me. I understand now how boys like you think."

"You are wrong Trisha, even without having being forced with a DNA match I can still feel the pull towards you."

His words shocked her to the core. Sage just accepted that he felt something for her.

Before either of them could say a word Killian came in dressed in everything black and breathing heavily as if he was running away from someone.

"What the hell?" Sage asked looking angry at Killian.

"We need to run." And he threw two bags at them.

"What is all this?" Trisha asked.

"Let's run first, I will explain later."

"Why are you running?" Sage asked as they opened the back door and ran outside making noise with all the leaves rustling under their feet.

"Because I just told the fake sympathy givers at my house that I love Trisha."

Trisha stopped and sharply turned to look at him.

"Why would you say that?" She sounded exasperated at these two impossible boys in front of her.

"Because it is the truth."

She gulped and stared at him unable to respond.

"Let's run first," Sage said as he heard voices following them.

LOL Double confessions xD

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LOL Double confessions xD

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