Chapter Nine; Long Lost Love . . .

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Tsunade’s P.O.V


 I watch as they put bags of money onto the coffin.

We do this to the ‘Samurai’s of Death’, because it gives them good fortune in the after life.

I sigh.

“Good Bye, Kichi.” I whisper as I turn my back to her coffin.


Kichi’s P.O.V (MWHAHAHA!)


I slowly open up my eyes.

I feel . . . different.

I slowly turn my head.


What are all these red roses doing here?

I sit up slowly.

Oh. My. God.

I was back in MY WORLD!!!!

I look at my hands, they were painted red.

I frown.

I remember dying.

I must’ve been dressed up for my funeral.

I stand up.

The snow went up to my ankles.

This was the place were I died.

And then went into the ‘Naruto’ world.

I smile as I look down.

My dress!

It was a BEAUTIFUL floor length raw silk dress.

I skin was illuminated.

My dark red hair fell in curls to my waist.

I look around and see . . . OHMYGOD . . . four big bags of money!!!!

I grab the bags and smile to myself. Then I paled.

No . . .


I wished I was dead instead of here. Without Kiba.

I scream and fall to me knees.



I start to sob loudly.

After an hour of lying in the cold snow, I got to my feet and wiped my eyes.

I grab the bags of money and walk off.


I wake to the sound of birds.

I slide out of my huge king-sized bed and open the blinds.

I now live in a HUGE mansion. With a swimming pool, the lot!

I look outside my window and sigh quietly.


I squeeze my eyes shut and walk down the spiral stair case.

I get some breakfast out and finish that quickly.

Then I brush my teeth and get changed.

I was supposed to meet someone off this dating site today for lunch.

I put on a tight white top, a cream-coloured skirt and white flats.