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After my alarm went off I got up took a shower washed my hair and dried off.

I curled my short locks, got dressed and put concealer under my eyes to cover my dark circles before putting on my circle glasses.

I curled my short locks, got dressed and put concealer under my eyes to cover my dark circles before putting on my circle glasses

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I went downstairs with my, dark brown leather messanger bag, grabbed a water bottle and an apple.

And walked outside at exactly 7 am as I do everyday, walking out I see Jasper leant up against his bike like yesterday.

"Are you okay, darlin?" Jasper asked gazing at me with worry, as he handed me the dark green helmet.

"I'll explain later." I stated, getting on the back of his bike as we rode off to school.

My grip on Jasper was a less tight today, and I know he knew something was wrong with me.

We arrived at school a little late the bell had already rang announcing that people could go in.

Jasper and I walked into first period his arm slung over my shoulders pulling me close to him.

"What's up, clove?" He questioned looking at me seriously but with worry as he gripped my hand tightly in his once we sat down.

"I didn't sleep, like at all last night." I answered, laying my head on my forearm.

"Come here darlin." He stated, as I sat myself up and leant up against his shoulder.

Around 10 minutes into first period, I fell asleep on Jasper's shoulder, luckily all we were doing was reviewing notes.

"Clove, darlin wake up the bell rang." Jasper stated to me as I slowly started to sit up, and stretch.

"Thank you Jazz." I stated as I grabbed my bag, and started towards the door with Jasper.

"For what? Waking you up?" Jasper questioned confused as to why I was thanking him.

"For helping me sleep." I answered with a smile, before going on my tiptoes and giving him a peck on the lips before walking away.

"Always darlin." He whispered to himself, as he too started to walk away.

In second period we were playing ultimate Frisbee again, luckily this time I didn't get hit and actually caught it a few times.

Soon enough second period was over, and it was time for English. I walked in and sat myself next to Jazz.

All of a sudden Jessica's one friend Angels? Angela? Yea, Angela came up to me

"Hey Clove, I just wanted to say sorry for Jessica she can get pretty jealous." Angela stated as she walked up to me.

"Don't worry about it, it's not your fault." I responded smiling up at her.

"We should hang out sometime." Angela purposed, before walking away.

During the whole period, Jasper and I sat in a comfortable silence, our hands interlocked under the desks.

Once it came time for creative writing, I mostly just tried to sleep and layed my head down, not without noticing Alice's worried glances.

"You okay? Clove?" Alice asked grabbing my attention, and waking me up from my nap.

"Huh? What?" I asked, rubbing my eyes looking up at Alice.

"Are you okay?" Alice repeated, looking concerned as her hand rested on my shoulder rubbing cirlces.

"Oh yea, just didn't really sleep last night." I answered, looking up at her with a soft smile.

"Why not?" Danny questioned, looking just as worried as Alice.

"Something freaked me out, and I was too scared to sleep." I responded, making Alice look at me sad.

"I'm sorry Clove." Alice stated, before passing me Danny's hoodie that she rolled up.

I grabbed it looking up at her confused.

"Use it as a pillow, silly." She stated, as though it was obvious, I nodded my head and layed my head on the cozie hoodie for the rest of the period.

The bell rang, waking me up out of my comfortable daze I went to hand Danny his hoodie but he just shook his head.

"Use it at lunch, you need the rest." Danny stated, offering me a small smile.

"Thanks Danny." I responded walking with them to the cafeteria, walking in I noticed Edward was talking to Bella with an apple in his hand.

Sitting down at the table between Jazz and Danny, I layed my head back on the hoodie, feeling Jasper slide his cold hand into my warm one.

"You look comfortable." Jasper stated with a small smile, as he rubbed circles over my knuckles with his thumb.

"Very" I mumbled into the jacket, causing everyone to laugh at my barley understandable words.

"So what was it that scared you so bad?" Danny asked, looking up with worry in his big gold eyes.

"Scared you? Something scared you?" Jasper questioned looking down at me with the same worry Danny had but with a softer look.

"Something scared her last night, and it's why she didn't sleep." Alice answered for me, to which I hummed I response too tired to look up.

"What was it that scared you?" Jasper asked looking down at me seriously.

"It was nothing, I was probably just seeing things." I answered, doubting everything I saw last night.

"But what was it?" Danny continued for Jasper.

"I saw a figure, standing outside my house for awhile then I saw them start taking pictures of the house, and the door number, and then they kinda just disappeared so I thought they were trying to break in, and well I scared myself by thinking that." I answered, as Jasper tensed up and I squeezed his hand in hope of calming him down.

"Clove! That not something you just see, did you call the cops?" Alice yelled at me, with clear worry in her eyes.

"No, no my dad came home about twenty minutes after, it happened and he said it was fine." I answered, laying my head on Jasper's shoulder as he turned and kissed my forehead.

"Okay.. just be safe." Alice finished, the look of worry still evident on her face.

"So we still on for after school?" Emmet asked jumping in the conversation.

"Yeah, yeah totally." I responded, before laying my head back on Danny's hoodie.

"Hey Danny you think I can borrow this for the rest of the day?" I asked looking up at the brunette.

"Sure thing Clo." He responded with a smile, before looking down at Alice like she hung the stars in the sky.

The rest of the period was spent, as me laying down on the hoodie with Jasper's arms around my waist while Edward kept staring at the Bella girl and Alice was planning what we were gonna do later.

The the bell rang, announcing time for 6th period, also known as algebra, also known as hell.

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