Chapter 5

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Rescue day. It dawned bright and sunny, with a wonderful fragrance on the spring breeze.

As Sara opened the window of their room, she looked out over the land below. Green covered most everything she could see outside the city walls and what wasn't green, was brown. Some of the fields were freshly plowed and ready to be sown with whatever life giving plant the farmers decided was needed. It might be corn, it might be wheat, but the land would give whatever the farmers bade it to.

She heard the door open and turned to see Sharese leading a couple of kitchen help in with the morning meal.

"Good morning, m'lady." they said as they bowed.

She nodded to them and after they left, she and Sharese sat down to enjoy their breakfast.

"So, today's the day." she said as she spread some jam over a biscuit.

"Yes, m'lady. By mid-day meal we should be well away from here."

"Yes and I shall be in the company of my parents again."

She stopped for a second and thought about what she had just said. Something in those words brought a pang of guilt to her soul.

"What's the matter?" asked Sharese as she looked at her friend.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that, in our world, a girl my age is almost expected to act a little rebellious when it comes to their parents. I'm beginning to see that I may have been wrong in that."

Sharese looked down at her plate and said, "I would give my life to able to see my parents again."

She looked up at Sara and shook her head.

Sara said, "We've never talked about your family. Where are your parents."

Sharese bit her lip and then said, "They are dead. Died when the king's troops came to our town and battled with the people there."

Sara's mouth dropped open.

"Bennifort's troops killed your parents?"

Sharese looked at her with moist eyes and nodded.

"Oh, just one more reason for me to hate that man. I'll tell you one thing, Sharese. The days of me bowing down to him are over."

Sharese's eyes were now filled with fear.

"And don't you tell me to watch out for myself." said Sara. "Your days of bowing to that asshole are over, too."


The morning broke across Alan's face as he laid in his bed in the one room cabin. He opened one eye and looked up, seeing some small slivers of light coming through the slats of the roof and he knew he would have to do a little work to make the roof watertight again. Then, he almost laughed to himself as he realized that was about the dumbest thing he had ever thought. It wasn't like he and his family were going to move into this cabin.

He took a deep breath, thinking back to the feeling of the moist grass under his body as he and Lynne made love under the stars the night before. They hadn't had time for that kind of passion in such a long time, he was beginning to forget what it felt like. Maybe it was being back in Everly that had awakened the passion in their hearts. All he knew was, he hoped that feeling would never go away.

He rolled over, wanting to gaze upon the face of his beloved, but found himself looking at a wholly unexpected sight.

Sitting in a chair, at the table, was the grizzled old man, Kendric. He was smoking his pipe and just looking at the sleeping prince.

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