Fake friends

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It's funny really, how you can be there for someone through thick and thin, through tears and pain, through words and hurt.

But what do you get back,
You get back knives that have been stabbed in your back, you get words and break you down till your nothing.

And what do you do?
You laugh and act like it didn't hurt,
You laugh and act like you fine.

And what do you do when your alone?
You cry and sob till you have no more tears, you look in the mirror and think of yourself like you deserve this all.

You cut to ease the pain of the words your suppose of friends say.

You stay with them because your feel like if you let them go you'll be alone, you think you'll have nobody,

So you you give them more bullets and knives to kill you with.

Because your to scared to let them leave you, your to scared that if your alone the monsters in your head well become louder and more violent.

So you let the monsters in real life consume and break you.

Because the real monsters in this life can be fake friends.!

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