Fires of the past burning her today

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Ch -8

Fires of the past burning her today

Author’s note: arnav is dev .currently arnav is 25 while khushi is 22. Dev was the son of the mahant of Allahabad ( a very reputed post ).khushi was the daughter of the chhote mahant ( an assistant to arnav’s dad). The flashbacks show a fifteen year old arnav then known as dev and a twelve year old khushi  who are best friend. The house where khushi lives now is where arnav lived until 10 years ago , so arnav knows all rooms and everything.Arnav hid all albums from the storeroom so that khushi cant find them.

“mr. raizada  are you here?”khushi knocked at arnav’s door.

“yes khushi come in, what happened”

“thank you protecting our family’s dignity today……..”

“o don’t mention that anything to save the mahant family’s dignity”he said smirkingly.

“ya but still  7 crores is a huge amount. We might never be able to repay this debt in our lifetime”

“It is fine never mind . I had come to buy a nice property in india  for my nani and what can be better than this antique bungalow ……woah it’s more like  a palace! I cant break the tradition of the mahant family staying here And I cant stay alone in this palace ”

“That’s your  kindness mr raizada . well I came to tell you something important.”

“yes tell”

“well it is my sister’s marriage next month so  I am going to be very busy .so I was thinking of rushing up the tour .like I shall show you all places but very fast fast . is it fine with you or I can refer you some other guide……..”

“no no its all right if the tour gets over soon cuz I also have some work to finish here.”

“accha , so  I will take you to the city market today , you can buy all sorts of handicrafts etc…..there .take something for your wife”

“wife ? no wife”

“oh , then for girlfriend!”

“no girlfriend also”(chuckling)

“accha no girlfriend !!i thought you must be having one .”


“uhm…..just like that you know …I thought it is common in foreign countries for everyone to have a girl friend”

“stereotypes ,huh? I will come to the market  to take something for my nani”

“o ya nani .so lets go!”



Arnav and khushi roam around the city market .arnav has no idea about what to buy for his nani so he just roams around . he tells khushi what his nani likes  so she recommends him some things like pots, sarees and paintings.while khushi continues her rant , arnav becomes busy in his memories on seeing a sweet shop behind her…………………


“ummm……amma these jalebis are delicious”exclaimed an ecstatic 12 year old khushi on eating the jalebis made by dev’s mother.

Dev comes and pulls khushi’s ponytail

“idiot , she is my amma not yours”

“kya farak padhta hai dev, leave my hair na!! your amma or mine same thing na! after all you are my bff and you are supposed to care for me and sharing is caring”

“no no my amma is mine only.”and dev hugged his mother.

“accha baba if you want you can also call my amma amma.”


Dev’s mother turned towards khushi and said “you know khushi when I was expecting dev , I and his dad had wished for a daughter . now I see that daughter of mine in you . so it is alright if you call me amma “

Khushi also joined the hug at that .

“does that mean you don’t love me amma ?”asked dev inquisitively.

“of course I do dev but khushi is a girl and so am I   ,so ……….i shall support her more…… know feminism!” dev’s mother winked. khushi giggled  on seeing arnav frown.


My amma always considered you as her own daughter , loved you , cherished you more than me ……..and you !!why why did you do this with her and dad. was that the way you repayed our love for you………..then you  have proved selfish people like you and your family deserve no love……no love …only hate

Arnav thought to himself while eyeing khushi with his bloodshot eyes.

“mr .raizda , mr raizada your gift is packed shall we proceed it is time for the temple to close”

“ya sure” said arnav calming himself.


At the temple :

the temple was empty as it was closing time but lit with several diyas .the priest  was leaving khushi told him that she shall lock the temple after showing arnav the idols and inscriptions . the priest left

.they both roamed around the whole temple while khushi  described him about all the inscriptions on the temple walls. suddenly ,she notices that the diya kept in front of the main idol had no fire on it.she went forward to light it after ringing the temple bell.

She took another diya in her hand and lit the previous diya. Then she bowed her head in  front of the deity and closed her eyes.

Seizing the opportunity , arnav comes closer and keeps a diya quite close to her sarree pallu and again goes behind .due to wind her pallu catches fire  and starts burning in an orange red hue .

Feeling the heat , khushi turns to her left .she gets shocked on seeing her pallu ablaze and starts screaming and hit her pallu on the ground to put off the fire .

“ khushi what  happened………………oh ……god ……….”aranv approached khushi.

Khushi not noticing his presence detaches her pallu from her shoulder to prevent the fire to spread on to her body. meanwhile  arnav stamps on the pallu to put off the fire. once the fire is put off , arnav notices khushi to be in a state of trance and shock utterly scared .she was trembling with cold and fear , her beautifully designed blue blouse  unsuccessfully trying to cover her heaving chest . she stood still.

Arnav removed his coat and placed it over her shoulders .

“ I hope you are fine khushi”

On getting no reply arnav notices khushi’s shaky figure which was about to fall( khushi was fainting). Aranv quickly held her and lift her up in his arms walking out of the temple……..

He eyes khushi’s  innocent face with mixed emotions.

That fire on your saree , I put it off but what about the blazing fire of revenge in my chest , khushi  , how will you satisfy it ?  thought an angry arnav.


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