~Chapter Fifteen~

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A small knock sounded at my door, "Enter."

"Mr. Carrington, would it be alright if I left early today? I have some things to take care of." Sabine was asking mysteriously out of the blue.

"Sure, no problem. I hope everything is okay?" I looked up from my report. She sounded a little strange.

"No, I'm fine thank you." She sounded unconvincing, and didn't appear to be herself. She was holding, and rubbing her neck. But, that's not my concern.

"Okay, good to hear. Have a good day." I started looking at my computer screen. But I was now intrigued, as to whether something was wrong with Sabine. I refuse to give in to my thoughts of her. She's with Skyler, let him worry about it.

I reached up to my own neck muscles, that were now full of knots. Could she be hurt or sick?. . .



I hate seeing Shayne every day. He's so close and yet so far. I'm getting to know Skyler, he's actually a nice guy. His parents are even nice. But, he's not Shayne. I wish I had never agreed to date Skyler, and give him a false impression of Carrington Enterprises. Shayne was right. . . There had to be another way.

I miss Shayne at least being my friend. Now, he is like the old Shayne, that I do not like. I can't believe he went on a blind date. He had the nerve to say, she was perfect. I could have choked him, when he told me that. I know he said that on purpose! He was being petty and childish. Well two can play at this game!

I don't have anything to do this afternoon. I just needed to get out of this office, and getting a whiff of his cologne, as he walks past my desk. His bronze brown hair, and those ridiculous captivating grey eyes of his are driving me mad, and-and him. When he stood there proudly, and told me he was leaving early for a dinner date. I mean, really?

"Oh, Miss Harlow, you're still here? Would you mind going over these numbers, and double checking them, before you leave? I'm going to meet with Grey. You can leave the folder on my desk, when you're finished." He gave me a self assured wink, as he handed me the folder and left without so much as, thank you.

Ooooh he burns me up! I-I'm ready for a transfer, as soon as I can leave this department. This, I mean we, are not going to work. . . I can't with him.

I was looking over my assignment, and in walks this tall, perfectly heart shaped face, cutesy nose, legs for days, Sports Illustrated Swimwear model. You know the type. . .

She pranced up to my desk, "I'm looking for Shayne Carrington." She looked like a Barbie Doll! I was about to get a bag.

"I'm Shayne's assistant, Sabine. He is currently out of the office. Can I leave a message for him?" I extended my hand to her, being mannerly.

Her eyes gave me a once over, "I'm Alexa, it's nice to meet you. I'm supposed to meet Shayne at his office. We're going on a dinner date." She was thrilled to inform me.

Her words knocked the wind out of me. I had to retain my composure, at all cost! I could have won an Academy Award in that moment.

Before I could respond, Shayne brisk walked in, "Hey Alexa. I passed you too far down the hallway, and was trying to get your attention. I see you've already met my trusty assistant." He smirked at me, and smiled amazingly at her.

"Sabine, I'm going to meet with Grey tomorrow. I forgot you had asked to leave early. Don't worry about the numbers. Have a good night." He turned his back, and offered Barbie, I mean Alexa, his arm. She waved goodbye, and they were off on their date.

Now, I truly know what heartbreak is. My heart felt like it stopped beating, and the air was sucked from my lungs. There were no words to describe the sudden, sharp, painful emotion, that I just felt. I observed the man that I love, with Barbie. Did I just say, the man that I love? The tears fell from my eyes like a waterfall. I felt like I was drowning, in a sea of tears. What happened to my fight, and spunk?

I put on a pair of sunglasses to hide my red, puffy eyes, as I was leaving for the day. My heart ached to be with Shayne. I wouldn't have believed it two years ago, when Bianca married Colin. But, I now know that I'm in love with Shayne Carrington. Now, my sliver at a chance of happiness with him has evaporated.

How I got off the elevator, and into my car I do not know? I was on autopilot. I had to call my best friend, Bianca. I felt like my heart was about to explode, and I needed someone, "Hey Bianca, do you think you and I could go to dinner tonight?"

"Hi Sabine, are you alright? You sound terrible! Where are you?" Bianca questioned me in a worried tone.

I sniffled, "I'm in my car in the parking lot at Carrington Enterprises. I'm going home early for the day."

"Stay put, I'll leave early too. We need some girl time! I'm sorry, I've neglected our friendship with everything that's been going on." She left work immediately. She knew I needed her. I was beyond a mess.

She followed me to my apartment. We walked inside, I kicked off my shoes, trying to hold back my flooding tears. Bianca sat on the sofa, and patted the seat next to her. She held out her arms to me. I climbed next to her, tucking my feet under me, and unleashed a torrential downpour of tears in her comforting arms.

She let me have a good cry, before asking, "Honey, what happened?" She spoke softly, in her British voice.

"Shayne happened." Then I cried even harder. My whole body shook, with uncontrollable tears.

"Shhh, It's going to be alright. We'll fix whatever happened." She said soothingly.

I stopped crying, and looked up at her, "We can't repair the damage. He's with Alexa now, and I'm supposed to be with Skyler. He never agreed, with this whole Skyler thing. You remember how he responded, that day at the Ranch in response to your father's idea?"

"I do remember, and I feel bad that no one listened to him. He loved you then, and I'm not sure that he realized it. We have to undo the damage." Bianca was determined. She pulled out her cellphone, and was angrily typing a text message to someone.

"I just sent a text to Colin. Don't you worry, I have a plan." She tapped her forefinger on her chin, while resting back on the sofa.

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