~Chapter Fifteen~

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Flashback ~ One Month Ago. . .

"Shayne, you have to put your personal feelings aside. Sabine is dating Skyler for the good of the company." Colin came and sat down next to me at the kitchen table. He was trying to convince me in a brotherly tone. He knew I didn't agree, with this plan.

I rolled my beer bottle back and forth between my thumb, and forefinger, "Would you feel the same way if this was Bianca?" I asked him point blank and knew I had pricked a nerve, when Colin didn't answer me.

I heard Sabine enter the kitchen, actually I smelled her perfume. I wasn't in a mood to discuss the decision for her to continue dating Skyler. I didn't concur, with giving him erroneous information about the financial status of Carrington Enterprises.

"I'm leaving Shayne, thank you for today. I'm sorry it didn't turn out, as either of us had planned." She stood near the doorway, with regret in her voice.

I never looked at her, I couldn't, "No worries, I'm glad you enjoyed being at Carrington Ranch. I'll see you at work tomorrow, Miss Harlow." I answered her devoid of feelings. I felt my mask slipping back on my face, once again.

She approached, and knelt down beside me, "Shayne, please at least look at me?"

She reached up, and gradually turned my face. I met her gaze reluctantly, "If I felt that I had a choice, I wouldn't be with Skyler. I'm doing this for your family, and the good of the company." She bit her lip, as her sad eyes began to poole with tears.

"What about for you? Don't you matter?" I let that statement hang as a rhetorical question. I didn't dare ask, what about us?

I took a sip of my beer, "I didn't agree with Colin's father-in-law, by the way. But apparently, I'm outnumbered. From now on, we are on an employer and employee basis. I will see you tomorrow." I spoke matter-of-factly. I slid my chair back, stood, and walked out of the kitchen, as Bianca entered. I was done with this whole situation.

End of Flashback. . .

"Good morning, Miss Harlow. I trust that you had a nice weekend with Skyler?"
I was in an irritated mood, but tried to sound as chipper as possible. His name annoyed me to no end.

She had a wide eyed smile, "Yes, Skyler and I had a lovely weekend. I met his parents, Amelia and Beau, for the first time. They were extremely kind, and hospitable. How was your weekend, Mr. Carrington?"

Is she seriously into this guy, after what she knows about him? After he hurt her?

"Good for you, I'll be waiting for your engagement announcement, next." I mentioned dryly, with that cutting remark. That's what situational irony this whole thing is.

I turned to head into my office, "I had a great weekend. I actually went on a blind date, and she was perfect!" I knew that would get her riled up. Good, I wanted her to feel like me!

She didn't reply for a few seconds, "I'm so happy for you. I have the financial reports, that you had asked for ready." She handed me the reports, with a fake smile plastered to her face. She cleared her throat, and sat back down at her desk. She wasn't expecting that.

"Thank you. I'll be in meetings all day, and I'm leaving a little early today. I have a dinner date. I'll see you tomorrow, Miss Harlow." I went in my office and shut the door. I sat at my desk, letting her absorb what I had just said. Shayne Carrington is not going to be pitied. . . I'm moving on with my life.

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