Hermione's POV

I felt distraught.

He had done it again. I believed what that lying,snivelling,rat was saying. Why Ron? Why do this to me. I was kind to him, I listened to him, I believed in what he said. It was killing me from the inside. The only person that has understood me is Draco. Draco. I was so mean to him about what he said, and it was the truth.

I need to speak to him.

I ran to the dungeons where the Slytherin common rooms where. Luckily, there was a small first year about to go inside.

"Excuse me?" I said sweetly.

"What do you want!" the small first year boy snarled back to me.

"I need to speak to Draco Malfoy."

"Why would the Slytherin Prince want to speak to a filthy little mudblood!" he spat.

"Please" I pleaded.

"Whatever, I'll go get him." then he left.

A few minutes later, breathtakingly gorgeous Draco Malfoy stepped out of a dark corner.

"What do you want?" Draco asked me.

" I am so sorry I didn't believe you about weasel" I said with a tear streaming down my face.

" Using my nicknames now are you" he said with his famous smirk. God I loved it.

" Maybe" I replied. " I really like you Draco Malfoy."

" Thats great................ because I like you too."

With that, he kissed me. It was sweet yet gentle. The kiss was also soft and passionate.

I loved it.

A few minutes later we broke it apart.

I giggled.

"What are we going to tell our friends?" I questioned.

" Anything you want,Hermione." He said in his sexy voice.

Draco's POV

I first year came up to me saying that a mudblood needed to speak to me. I hate that word.

Of course I knew who this was, Granger. I combed y hair with my fingers, put a clean fresh shirt on since the one I was wearing was smelly and dirty. She was going to talk to me. I have been waiting for a chance like this for years. She wanted to speak to me,Me.

I realise that I have been getting ready for around five minutes. Making sure that I turn up in a mysterious corner to give it more effect.

"What do you want?" I said trying to sound like I don't care, but of course I do.

" I am so sorry I didn't believe you about weasel" she said with a single tear trickling down her face. I so badly wanted to kiss her. But no. Stay calm Draco.

" Using my nicknames now are you" I said with my famous Malfoy smirk.

"Maybe, I really like you Draco Malfoy" she liked me. This is the best news I have heard in a long time.

"That's great...................... because I like you to." I just kissed her. Not to rough but enough passion to see how much I care about her. It is all perfect now, she likes me, I like her. I can finally be happy.


Thanks Jim Bob

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