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We reached my house in no time, we hopped off his motorcycle before walking inside.

"Dad? You home?" I shouted into the house as me and Jasper went upstairs and set our bags in my room.

"Let's stay in here." Jasper stated, as he pulled me and him down on my bed.

"Okay let me grab my laptop for movies." I responded, reaching over him for the laptop, as he laid the fluffy blanket over us pulling me into his chest.

After a couple minutes of clicking I found 'Ferris buelers day off' and started it making Jasper chuckle.

We sat there cuddling while watching the movie, laughing like crazy when Ferris stole the car.

"I love this movie." I stated, as my head lulled against Jasper's chest.

"I do to, I think I've seen it a hundred times." Jasper responded looking down at me with a smile.

Once the movie ended I sat up, and connected our lips, hungrily before I knew it Jasper pulled me into his lap, his lips going down to attack my neck and my collar bones.

His face went up to connect his lips to mine again, and I then felt his hands reach down to my side and start ticking me, causing me to break the kiss and scream trying to wriggle out of his hold.

"Jasper! Stop! Oh my God Jasper!" I screamed, as Jasper's hold on me tightened.

"Say the magic word." Jasper teased his fingers digging into your sides to tickle you.

"Please?" You gasped out of your laughter, with a begging expression. Jasper shook his head going back to tickle you.

"Ah I don't know!" I yelled, as he held me down on to his lap, his hands continuing to ravange my sides.

I sat up as fast I could and pecked Jaspers lips as the magic word, smirking Jasper pulled me in for another kiss.

We sat like that for a while, making out while I sat on Jasper's lap with him lent back against the headboard.

And then I remembered the rest of the Cullen's had something to tell me, and if it was as bad as they made it sound I want Jasper to tell me.

"Hey Jasper, what is it to that you guys want to tell me?" I asked after I broke the kiss.

"It can wait till tomorrow, let's just have fun tonight." Jasper responded looking down trying not to frown.

"Hey, how bad can it be?" I questioned pulling his face up to look at my own.

"You have no idea." Jasper responded, with sarcasm or at least I think.

"So.. tell me." I stated, as though telling me was the obvious solution, if there was one thing I wasn't that was patient.

"Clove, really it can wait let's spend this time, before you know." Jasper argued.

"What do you think is gonna change, so bad to where you won't tell me?" I asked as I got off his lap and sat up on the beg, next to him.

"..you might not want to be around me." Jasper hesitiated, as I grabbed his hand, squeezing it for comfort.

"There is nothing in this world to keep me away from you.. I promise." I stated holding up my pinky finger.

"Are you sure you can't tell me?" I asked as his pinky finger linked through mine, and our thumbs touched.

"We want to tell you as a family." He answered, his arm pulling me back down with him to cuddle on the bed.

"So what movie is next darlin?" Jasper questioned looking at my movie selection on my laptop.

"I was thinking.. the breakfast club?" I asked looking up for his approval to which he nodded his head, before kissing the crown of mine.

"Sounds wonderful." He responded getting comfortable as David Bowie's intro song played.

We were silent during the whole movie, and mostly still except for the times Jasper hand would move up and down my back.

Before we knew it the movie was over and it was almost 7 o'clock, Jasper put on his jacket and grabbed his school bag.

We went downstairs, and I got ready to say goodbye to him even though I would see him tomorrow.

"I'll see you tomorrow Jazzy." I stated in a tired daze, before leaning in on my tiptoes to hug him tightly as his arms went under mine, as mine were around his neck.

"Sleep tight darlin." He stated before kissing my head, and walking over to his Harley as I shut and locked the door.

Realizing that my dad wasn't gonna be home till 10, I went upstairs, grabbed PJs and took a shower.

I got out of the shower, got dressed, and was about to make my way downstairs but then I saw something through my window.

Something that looked to be a human figure was stood outside my house and then it started walking towards it and started to take pictures of the door number and the front.

I ran down stairs and locked all the windows and doors, I grabbed my dad's baseball bat, ran up to my room locked the door and window I even propped a chair under the door knob.

I was sitting on my bed, the baseball bat, tight in my grip when I heard a knock.

"Clove come open of the door, my key isn't working!" I heard my dad shout from downstairs, I unpropped and unlocked the door before running to let my dad in.

I finally got to the living room, and ran to the front door, not noticing the red eyes staring at me through the back door window.

"Dad, someone was here!" I yelled in a panic, before closing and locking the door after my dad entered.

"Oh did your boyfriend or whatever come over?" Dad asked acting totally casual, which made me want to scream.

"No! Well yes, but not the point someone I didn't know was standing outside taking pictures of our house!" I yelled, being terrified of the situation.

"I bet they just had the wrong house number." Dad stated, looking tired from work.

"Go to bed, you got me here tonight so don't worry about it." Dad continued hugging me before sending me upstairs.

That night I didn't fall asleep till an hour before my alarm went off.

"Today's gonna be fun.." I stated to no one, as my alarm, beeped announcing it was 6am.

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