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My parents had left about an hour or so ago with my sister. They were heading to some bullsh*t house thing that my parents and the Andrews family were involved in.

I couldn't care less, but my parents had ordered me to come. They said if I didn't show up they'll do something bad, but I doubt it.

Fixing my makeup and golden gown, I got in my car and drove in the direction of the address. Toni was on the phone, wanting to know all the details about Sweet Pea and my conversation last night at the party.

"So you do like him?" She asked confused while she continued to eat loudly her afternoon bowl of cereal. I shook my head even though she couldn't see it. "What the f*ck, no." I snapped while making a right turn on the street.

Toni scoffed then mumbled something under her breath. "Well anyway enjoy your cereal, I gotta go." I hung up the phone on her and jumped out of my car.

There was people everywhere, men dressed in suits and women in gowns. Walking through the entrance, waiters rushed around with their trays of drinks while the rich adults stood around and held fake smiles and uninteresting conversations.

Walking further under the tent, I spotted my parents standing next to each other with Veronica in front of them.

She turned around and left once I had reached my parents. They both had shocked expressions, surprised I actually turned up. Bet they didn't see that one coming.

"Mija, you look lovely" my father softly complimented me while I searched around the room, disappointed I saw nobody worth speaking to. I turned and faced my dad with a fake smile. "Really? I was trying to look like sl*t."

My parent's faces dropped and turned to disgust, making it my cue to leave. I turned and strolled off, grabbing a glass of champagne from one of the waiters serving it.

Standing in the corner texting my friends how bored I was, the voice of Nick lifted my head. "Amelia, where did you go last night?" He asked with a concerned face as he replaced my empty glass for another one.

Shrugging my shoulders, my eyes dropped back down to my phone, reading the argument Pea and Jayden were having  on the group chat.

"Hey Amelia what are you doing here?" I heard another male voice ask me. Lifting my head ever so slightly, Adrian stood before me with a confused smile and a black suit.

Smiling back at him I put my phone in my clutch. "My parents are holding this sh*t show. What about you?" I asked as him and Nick followed me outside where I pulled out my packet of smokes, handing one to Nick and Adrian.

Nick gladly took it while Adrian's eyes grew wide in horror, shaking his head no. Giggling at his innocence, we started to talk about anything other then my family, school and parents until Cheryl walked past us, waving a small wave at me and continuing past.

Nick beside me suddenly left, clearly still intrigued by her red hair beauty. Adrian stood a few feet away from me as I puffed away on my third cigarette, quickly scrolling through my phone with him doing the same.

B*tch ass sister: Mom and Dad want you to come up to the front. NOW!

"Ayo I gotta go, I'll see you at school." Giving a quick hug to Adrian I walked back inside the tent, spotting my sister standing in front of the stage where my parents were walking up. Tapping on a champagne glass, my father spoke into the microphone placed in front of him.

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