20 ~ The Signs as Parents

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Aries: "He rejected you? I'll teach that little mother fuck a lesson!" 
*takes out belt*

Taurus: "I don't care how many boxes of donuts you buy me, you're still not going to that party because I said so!!
...Okay maybe if you bought me some donuts and and some cake then I'd consider it."

Gemini: "Sooooo how's that friend of yours? You know.. the girl ;) ...I'm not teasing you!"

Cancer: "Did you take your jacket? Are you sure you don't want some snacks? Remember to put on your seatbelt and don't drive drunk! And no fornicating!"

Leo: "No no no no honey, the blue shirt, the blue shirt! And straighten up! Awww you look so handsome!"
*pinches child's cheeks*

Virgo: "How's school going? How are your grades? Are you struggling in math? Let me help you."

Libra: "Remember your manners and be nice to everyone!... What do you mean I'm embarrassing? I'm a cool mom!"

Scorpio: "Okay listen here you little piece of shit, I'll give you to the count of three... okay seriously stop being so cute I'm trying to punish you!"

Sagittarius: "Okay you literally look like a homeless person lol, I'm not letting you leave like that. Please change, my retinas are burning."

Capricorn: "I know I can be hard on you with your grades and all but know that I still love you!... OH MY GOD IS THAT AN F I SEE??!!"

Aquarius: "Lmao you wanna go summon a demon? Sure, do whatever you want, I love you."

Pisces: *hugs you and kisses you and pinches your cheeks and smothers you*

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