Vicks Vapo Rub

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I know what you're thinking..."Sis wtf this is a hair book not a book about treating a cold." I know, I know . Before I get started let me go ahead and say this, im not a professional & I don't always know what i'm talking about. Also, if your scalp is very sensitive or you're skeptical about this DONT DO IT.


So basically I was on YouTube watching natural hair length videos because I feel like my hair needs more length to it. Suddenly I stubbled across a video about Vick's vapo rub & BOOM, it all made sense. The menthol & eucalyptus oil in the Vick's stimulates the scalp just as peppermint oil would which promotes growth.

I'm going to apply this once or twice a week for four weeks and let you all know if I receive good results. I'll be applying it every washday before I wash my hair.

As i'm typing this I feel the tingly sensation, I have faith in this lol. I just parted my hair into sections, applied it and massaged it into my scalp then put my hair up into a puff. I will be washing my hair in about 15 minutes and then moisturizing it & probably doing a twist out for the weekend.

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