19 ~ The Signs at the Movie Theatre

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Aries: Throwing popcorn at the people in front of them

Taurus: *accidentally eats all the popcorn without noticing*
"Who ate all the popcorn? The movie hasn't even started yet!"

Gemini: Talking the whole time while making fun of the actors and spoiling everything

Cancer: "Everyone SHHH! The commercials are the best part!"

Leo: "Wow that actor/actress is really hot."

Virgo: "That's not how it goes! This part was different in the book! The book was wayyy better!"

Libra: *pulls out a crap ton of food they snuck in*
"Anyone want anything?"

Scorpio: *screams at hot actor/actress in the movie*
"Take your clothes off!"

Sagittarius: Takes up four seats to make themselves comfortable

Capricorn: Somehow gets separated from the group and accidentally goes to the wrong movie

Aquarius: Watching their own movie on their phone

Pisces: Passes out within the first five minutes

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