diez | criada

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Criada — maid
Claro está — of course
Por Dios — for God's sake
Hombre — man


Jungkook slept on the hammock again the second night Aeri stayed at his estate, and not because he was drunk.

Well, to him he was still intoxicated. Not with the alcohol, but with the attraction he felt for the woman, the new maid that was to help his nurse around the home.

The very thought had Jungkook feeling giddy with childish excitement.

Mi amor. Acting like a maid.

Maybe it was a little odd, but to him it was something new. Something he hadn't tried before.

This was what made him run after the dancer so much.

She was a big mystery. Every new conversation had revealed bits and pieces of herself and her life, touches of her past and the glimmers of her future.

And the boy wanted to know everything.

He wanted to uncover her deepest, darkest secrets. He wanted the girl herself to confess to him, while she sat by him, preferably against him or on him, in a deep heart-to-heart, where she'll just expose herself to him in every single way.

Jungkook would then smile like he does to her all the time, and lean in, whispering to her that he's here, that he wants to know more, the real Aeri Alvarez who doesn't harden up against a filthy man like him.

And she'd let him, she'd let him lean in, closer and closer, until all there was left is one push and they'd be on each other, and just when he would do so-


A shrill screech escaped Jungkook's mouth as he jolted up from the hammock in a shock.

It was then the cold hit him.

Icy water trailed down his hair, his face onto his robes, the velvet bunching up into thick blobs of mush from the sudden water thrown at him.

Irritation nagged at him, and he looked up at the person who'd dare splash him.

Claro está.

Of course it had to be Aeri Alvarez, a bucket in her hand settled on her hips, looking at Jungkook as if he's commited a crime against the country.

"Christo, I truly thought God had taken you," she muttered.

Jungkook ruffled his wet hair, rubbing it vigorously to try and dry it quicker. "I'm honoured you think I'd go to Heaven."

Aeri put the bucket aside. "No, I'm sure your ass will rot in Hell. Maybe you'll flirt with a succubus. Or maybe flirt with the devil himself. I just don't know when you're concerned."

"Oh, mi amor, you don't have to be so-"

The boy stopped mid sentence, as he stopped and stared at her. At what she wore.

A maid's dress. A typical black dress with a white apron tied at the waist, sleeves rolled up and hair contained in a white fabric, pulling back the brown locks.

Jungkook hadn't seen Aeri wear black before.

Dios damn him, because all he could imagine was her in black, showing off the sway of her hips, the God given curves few women he'd seen possess.

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