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Song: Friends
By: Chase Atlantic
Random song.

I was currently scrolling through Netflix, to find a tv show to watch.

"UGH!" I tried to keep my voice down low, but miserably failed.


Huh, I never noticed how strong his accent was. It's kind of cute. WAIT WHAT? y/n! Stop thinking that... omg stop.

"WILL. WE ARE WATCHING 'THE MAZE RUNNER!" I screamed this. I don't know why, I was just in the mood.

He jumped from my loudness.

"OK." he mocked me, along with a chuckle. I sighed and clicked the play button. After an hour or so, the movie ended and I was balling my eyes out.

His eyes widened from seeing me crying. He instantly started laughing.

"Chuck...omg...ugh...ABLY—THEY DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE!" I mumbled a bunch of other things.

"That was just to much, that was HORRIBLE." I was not lying. [lol this was my reaction when I watching it.]

"WILL!" I screamed to get his attention. He immediately stopped Laughing, and tried to control himself. Instead he videotaped with me. I honestly didn't care.

"I'm dying" I reached my head out for the tv and then put it over my heart. I looked at Will's phone. "Guys, I just watching t-the- OMG WILL, WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!" he was basically cracking up.

"Y/n," He started, I shot my head up right away. I probably looked like crap, but I didn't care.

He continued "You do know, there's two more movies, right?"

"WHAT!" I heard my voice phone his phone on snap chat.

"Can I-I p-post this?" he was laughing so hard, he couldn't help himself from stuttering.

I looked him right in the eyes. They were so pretty.

Wait what? No!

I playfully rolled my eyes, and tried to push that thought away.

"Sure." I replied with a smile.

"Anddddd....POST" I sighed before chuckling at him. A few minutes later, I went on instagram to see a few reposts.

'is it bad I ship them?'

'Ugh I love their friendship'

'Hmm why are they together? 🤨😂'

'aw poor y/n ahah'

They just kept going on and on.

[pretend you posted the video]

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