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Bilbo in return of all of this had moved around Smaug and was running up the nearest staircase, any staircase as long as it got him away from Smaug. When he reached the end and leant against the wall he let out a long breath and reached up to remove the ring. He couldn't dwell for long because behind him Smaug roared angrily and had taken to destroying anything and everything in his wake. No stone pillar or structure was safe from his anger. They crumbled and scattered within minutes, having no defence against such a force as the dragon's wrath. With a few stones crushed from his claws, Smaug turned and let out one last torrent of fire just in case Bilbo was nearby.


Náriel wasn't wholly oblivious to when she was being followed. She stood and tilted her head to the side, looking over her shoulder she narrowed her eyes. As she was distracted to whatever caught her attention behind her, she only just managed to unsheathe her sword and block the attack which appeared in front of her.

“Orchrim,” she seethed and pushed back the much larger being in front of her. She stopped though as something landed behind her. Looking to another Orc she rolled her eyes. “Two on one?” She mumbled yet shrugged and kicked out at the one nearest to her, while he tumbled backwards she ran to the one which landed behind her. There was an advantage to being smaller, she managed to skid between his legs, which granted was a horrible thing to do – though she had her eyes shut Valar only knows what she'd spy if she hadn't – but there was a downside; it also cut at her legs – no doubt she'd have splinters – but with efficient speed she was back up in seconds and driving her sword through the chest of the Orc. It spluttered and let out a whine, managing to use the dead weight Náriel pushed it forwards. While momentum took it forwards and made it crash into its comrade, her sword was now free again. Leaping up she put her hand on the dead Orcs back while her momentum added to the weight bearing down on the other Orc, it also had her sword bearing down through its eye. All three of them landed to the boarding with a thud.

Náriel wasted no time turning and flicking the black blood off of her sword. She ran then, as fast as she could back the way she had come. This wasn't good. Orcs in Lake Town? It didn't bear thinking about. It was something she didn't wish to ponder over. Her stomach gave a lurch as she stopped and looked to the roof tops. There were many figures crouching low and skulking along. Náriel's eyes widened, sticking to the shadows she managed to sneak past them and back to the house which she had come from. Her only hope was that Bofur had found what they were looking for, because she didn't.

Running up the steps the last thing she expected to see was chaos. The Orcs were in here too, of course they were. Any chance to kill a Dwarf and they'd be right there.

“Woah!” She dodged out of the way of a plate and stabbed upwards at the rib of the Orc nearest to her. It just so happened to also get shot with an arrow at the same time. It wasn't one of hers, and it wasn't any of the Dwarves. Turning and letting the figure fall from her sword she stepped forwards.

“Suil, Náriel.”

“Legolas!” Náriel exclaimed and ran towards him. As awkward as he looked from having her arms suddenly thrown around him, he reached up and gently placed his hand against her back. He wasn't so totally awkward that he couldn't appreciate seeing his cousin alive and well. “Why are there Orcs here?”

“Did you have trouble out there?” He said getting on the offensive and turning to the door.

“Ah! Legolas, all is fine...I dealt with them.” Náriel said while smiling and making him turn away from the door.

He merely nodded and put a hand against her shoulder. Getting the message she retracted from him and looked around. “You killed them all.” Bain said in utter disbelief, he peeked up from behind the fallen table, which had clearly been used as a barricade.

Náriel moved slowly over to the children, “You are all well? None of you are hurt?” She asked while putting her hand on Bain's shoulder, and then looking to Tilda and Sigrid. They all looked shaken up, but not injured.

Legolas turned away and went outside, only to reappear moments later. “There are others. Tauriel, come,” he said while turning to leave only to look at Náriel.

She smiled. “Dearest cousin, I would love to accompany you on a hunting trip. But I can't.”

“And I understand.” Legolas said quietly while giving her the slightest of smiles and finally moving away.

Náriel blinked slowly and actually gave a small jolt. He understood? She got pulled from her thoughts as Óin exclaimed. “We're losing him!” He said while looking up to Tauriel who stood by his side, Kíli laid on the floor from evidently getting involved in a struggle.

“Kíli,” Náriel moved away from the children and leant down. “I am so sorry,” she whispered while moving hair out of his face. “We had a promise, and I couldn't withhold my end.” She said while looking around. She couldn't find the one thing they needed and Bofur was still out. She looked up at Tauriel who slowly moved away when Legolas had called her name from the doorway. He watched the two before fully disappearing. Kíli gave a lurch of pain from the floor and exclaimed with his eyes squeezed shut. Tauriel stood looking from Kíli to Legolas who was skilfully hunting out the retreating Orcs.

Hearing booted feet she reached for her knives, only she stopped when she looked down at Bofur. “Athelas.” She said while grasping at the plant in Bofur's hands. She turned it over in her hands and looked at it. “Athelas...”

“What are you doing?” Bofur said sounding truly confused by this whole moment.

“I'm going to save him.” Tauriel said while looking down at him and then back into the room where Kíli was yet again barely conscious.



Orcs/group of Orcs - Orchrim

Greetings - Suil

(A/N: Filthy usurper, well, Smaug, the ultimate drama queen, I'm sure you're not exactly the cleanest being in Middle-Earth are ye? xD Oh! Reunion, booya!)

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