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" . . . but you were at the office that time." I scrunched my nose as the information was fed to my ears.

"Oh I had to get there before Xavier did."

So I was told, Reina and Darius had planned this whole façade of marriage, only to get back at Xavier and the Elray studio—funnily enough Xavier forgot to mention he had his own little business on the side.

"But it seems our little kitten was there before you." Darius mused as he flashed his hand in Reina's direction.

"Thanks to you," she retorted. "I mean since you trusted my abilities, you thought you'd get dear Elisa to see who could get there first."

"Well I guess I was right to use her."

"Do you mean use as in, I was useful or—"

"His choice of words are just as rude as himself, don't worry about him dear."

I nodded, though I was still a little apprehensive. Sitting with my hands now on my lap, twiddling my thumbs as I contemplated.

Darius shuffled beside me, it seemed he had shifted closer. I narrowed my eyes to the side, wondering what he was up to, though he was looking ahead, towards the television.

"You had some men there . . . they had guns." I managed to utter as I remembered how close I came to one.

"Security, I'm sure you'd understand considering what happened to you and Darius at the event."

I nodded once again, anyone acquainted with Darius I suppose was in danger.

"Don't worry, we didnt get to touch your hidden stash, although it was tempting."

I blushed and stared at my hands again.

"So why . . . does—"

"You wanna know why that bastard wants to destroy everything that I have lived to see grow?"

I wiped the nape of my neck, "well I was thinking of it in a more subtle way, but yes why is he doing this. I mean I—"

Darius interrupted once more, "you can't seem to imagine him doing something like this? Well Elisa you haven't really known him for that long, not like I have."

I sighed and wrapped a hand around my arm, "I know I've only seen his more, sweeter side—"

"Which is fake."

I clicked my tongue, "look I get it you hate him, but I—it's not that I don't believe you two, but it's, it's complicated." I sighed and grabbed a cushion for comfort.

"I understand Elisa," Reina looked on in concern, "but with a man like Xavier, he is capable of making anyone feel he is anything but a conniving, money grabber."

"It's a lot to take in." I groaned and fell back into the sofa, staring deep into the white coloured ceiling.

Darius stood up abruptly; Reina and I both looked on in surprise. He clenched his large hand and stomped towards the mantle piece, sighing deeply as he thought to himself.

"Everything okay?" Reina asked.

He only replied with a large inhale of air, I could only watch in anticipation; what was he thinking about as he stood there alone. His broad shoulders only weighted by an unknown burden, I just wish I knew what was going on in his head.

"I wouldn't call such frivolous emotions complicated, not after knowing the person you love was a drunken lunatic."

I tightened my hold on the tweed fabric, "Xavier?"

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