11 ~ What if...

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... Aries are only loud because they need someone to calm them down?

... Taureans are only stubborn because they have to give up on their dreams?

... Geminis are only two-faced because they want to find themselves? 

... Cancers are only emotional because they are alone and need someone to help them?

... Leos are only attention seekers because they are neglected by their loved ones?

... Virgos are only judgemental because they have a past of being hurt by others?

... Libras are only fake because they don't know who they truly are?

... Scorpios are only intense because they don't know how to deal with their emotions?

... Sagittarians are only serious because no one understands them when they act crazy?

... Aquarians are only different because they don't know how to fit in?

... Pisces are only dreamy because they don't know how to face reality?

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