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Maisie's pov

I walked out of maths and to the other side of the school to the locker rooms.
Today the boys gym teacher was away and so they had to mix with us girls.

Being told this news, I just rolled my eyes as many others had small convo about how hot the boys were.

I got dressed into my gym wear and tie my hair up into a messy ponytail, slipped on my Nikes, and took off my rings.

I got dressed into my gym wear and tie my hair up into a messy ponytail, slipped on my Nikes, and took off my rings

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I walked into the hall where the boys were sat on the benches watching the girls warm up. Ew.
We were playing volleyball together, which I hated already just with the girls as they get too competitive.

Carl looked up at me licking his lips and lifting his head up to sign a hello.
I waved a little towards him before hearing a few, whistles and the guys cat calling. Pervs.

After stretching we started with a mixed game.
I bent down slightly and locked eyes with Carl, on the opposite team.

'You're going down' Carl mouthed
'Bet!' I quickly mouthed back.

The game had finished and Carl's team won. Great now I won't hear the end of it. The boys and girls separated, and I walked over to talk to some mutual friends.

Carl's pov

She is so hot. The way her gym pants grip her ass, her sports bra pushed up her boobs, her lips puckering when she saw me. Damn those lips. I could feel the growing boner and pulled down my shirt a little to cover it.

As we separated, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard Noah talking about M.

"I would totally hit, that ass bro!" He said gawping at her. My jaw clenched knowing his eyes were on my girl.

"Yeah! And she's mine so back the fuck off" I said trying to remain calm and quiet.

"Yeah prove it?" He almost questioned.
I walked over, wrapping my arms around her waist and pressing a soft kiss on her neck.

Maisie's pov

I felt the familiar arm around my waist and their lips connecting with my neck, I stretched a little so he had more room.
His hands traveled down now cupping my ass, and down to my high inner thigh.

I shivered under him.
"Babygirl, looks like someone can't handle themselves" I could feel the smirk in his voice.

I pushed myself back feeling his hard on, pressed into my back.
I swiftly turned around, now facing him.
"Have I caused this Carl?" I smirked back as his tongue pressed the inside of his cheek.

Carl's pov

My name rolls off of her tongue magically, her eyes staring right back up at mine, my hands in the small of her back now pulling her closer.
"You sure have" I grinned turning looking down at our bodies so close, imagining everything I'd do to her. I tried to blank my mind before my dick explodes.

She licked her lips now standing on her tip toes pressing a kiss beside my lips, winking and walking off to the changing rooms.
Yes she definitely is my girl.

I walked back over to Noah (who had been staring the whole time) with a huge smile on my face.
"Say anything like that about my girl again, I will kick your fucking head in" I threatened, moving towards him harshly causing him to flinch.

Maisie's pov

I walked back into the hall to grab my water bottle when I heard Carl, talking to Noah.
"Say anything like that about my girl again, I will kick your fucking head in" I blushed incredibly now.
Carl Gallagher just called me his girl. Probably just defending a friend, but I wish I really was his girl.

{after school}

"Hey debs, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever"
"Tell me about it" we laughed together and started walking back to her house.
I walked inside and was greeted with Fiona.

"Hey debs, Hey Mais!" She waved
"Hey fi" me and debs said in time
"Someone's birthdays coming up very soon, and I want to do something for it"
"Wait who?"
"Carl dumbass!" Debs shouted just as he stepped through the door.
"Oh well hello to you too, shitface" I let out a small laugh and whispered that we'd sort something out later.

I walked up the stairs tracing the footsteps Carl had previously stepped.

I pushed open his creaking door and saw him in his boxers pulling up some grey sweatpants.

"Oh sorry" I innocently laughed
"Nothing you haven't seen before" he winked coming closer to me, lifting me from the floor and holding me up against the door frame.

I wrapped my legs around his torso and my arms around his shoulders/ neck.

I was scared to look into his eyes, knowing that if I did I would get lost in them and I wouldn't be able to control my actions.

I did however stare at his features, his plump lips that I adore the taste of, his neat messy eyebrows, his jaw that clenched whenever he was jealous, and his hair that I loved tugging at.

"Like what you see princess?"
"I sure do" I smirked back, feeling his grip now underneath my thighs and bum leaving to lift my chin with his thumb and finger, making me stare right into his gorgeous eyes.

And that was it, I was now lost in the lust presented in his eyes.
He slowly moved in towards my face his eyes flickering again between mine and my lips, I instantly grabbed his neck and closed the space between us. The kiss was amazing, I haven't felt them for so long, the soft plump lips that taste like cherry, from his lip balm. Which I bought for him because his lips are always chapped.

He headed towards the bed and hovered above me, looking up for any facial changes or discomfort but I showed none.

He kissed down my stomach and to the rim of my pants, making a quite moan escape from my lips quietly but not quiet enough as he chuckled. My hands found their way to his hair and lightly tugged on it receiving a moan back. I loved these moments with him.

Until Liam came tottering into the room, and tugging on my shirt saying dinner was ready.
He's so cute, I placed him on my hips and walked down the stairs to the dinner table.

"Carl why's you hair all messy?" Debbie questioned before she dropped her fork onto her plate and stared between me and Carl.
"Did you two fuuuuu..."
"No, no haven't got to that bit yet" Carl said without shame as my face turned bright red, and lip almost chocking on his chicken.
"Ain't that right Babygirl?" My stomach filled with butterflies with the nicknames, the way he says them is so hot.

"Shut up Carl" I rolled my eyes and sat down beside him as his hand immediately found my thigh giving it a light squeeze as he kept it there for the whole dinner.


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