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Adams pointed to the left and said, "Okay, Dakota. Here is your room." Adams looked at Tom. "Yours is down the hall."

"No. Tom and I stay together," I said as I stopped in front of the door of my new room.

That drew a wide-eyed stare from Adams and Briana. They'd given us a tour of the entire site, which was two complete stories below the Wooden Nickel. So far below that I couldn't even hear a sound of any activity up top.

First floor beneath the bar held the living arrangements. Seven bedrooms, TV room, and a full kitchen. The second floor housed all the needs of TLC Agents, triage, communications room, and an exercise room.

Nice place. But I still didn't feel extremely safe with Adams yet, despite Tom's constant mental nudges for me to trust him. Sure, he'd been my professor since I came to this place, but seven years with a betrayer may have corrupted him as well.

I only trusted Tom for the time being, and he was not leaving my side. I grabbed his hand and pulled him so we stood shoulder-to-shoulder, filling the narrow hallway.

"You two can't room together," Adams said. "You're not mar-"

"Then we leave and find our own place to stay. Tom doesn't leave my side. That's that." I backed away nudging Tom to move with me.


"No buts," I said.

"You're safe here," Adams said.

"We will room together as she wants it," Tom said. "She is Patronus."

"Of course." Adams bowed his head. "Let's get you to triage first, then I'll take you to the master bedroom. It has its own bathroom." Adams gave Tom a long, hard look, and Tom jutted his chin toward him.

Adams nodded, then turned to Briana. "Can you get them to triage, and I'll go ready their room?"

"No problem, sir." Briana smiled. "Come on you two, let's get you cleaned up."

Adams darted to his left while Briana nodded us to her right. I glanced at Tom and raised my eyebrow at him. What had he read from Adams?

"Don't want to be my roomie anymore?" Briana said.

I chuckled. "That's so not it."

"I'm just giving you crap. I'm rooming with Shelly down the hall from here."

"This place is huge," I said.

The hallways went on forever. We passed five doorways, which I assumed were the other teammates rooms. At the end of the hallway, we met a staircase and Briana eased the door open.

"You know your way around here pretty good already," I said.

"That's because you had me pacing everywhere with your seven-hour disappearing act."


Briana stopped and looked at me, then just past my shoulder toward Tom. "Is Sean really a bad guy?"

"Yep," I said. My stomach went sour with the admission. "Um, where's the rest of our team? Didn't see anyone on the tour."

Briana started down the stairs again, and as she went around the first landing she said, "Adams sequestered them to the TV room while we showed you around. He wasn't sure how you wanted to handle them knowing about you two still being alive."

She cranked open the door and pointed us through. "Triage is the first door on your right. Need me to stick around? I can if you want me to, or I can go rustle you up some food."

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