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5 years later

Leilas Pov

"Christian, do you know where your father is?" My son Christian is a big guy for a four year old, and with the temper on him he is without a doubt a tiger. Both me and Axel are more than a little concerned about him, we have already been told that he fights with the other children and only his own sister and cousins are willing to play with him because the other kids are scared of him. But despite his nasty temper, he is a loving child, he just needs to learn how to control his tiger side.

"I think he's upstairs playing video games with Uncle Carl," suddenly there's a loud bang and three kids tumble down the stairs, heading for the door. My daughter Amy, and her three cousins Matt, Edward and Tanya, are playing together as always. After we got back from rescuing Kyle I soon found out that my first mating with Axel had resulted in a child, and only two weeks later Julie also found out she was expecting. After I had a son and Julie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, Kyle got all broody and decided he wanted kids too, and after a lot of nagging he got Anders on board. They found a shewolf willing to carry their child and both donated sperm, the first child born was clearly Anders's kid, three year old Matt is Alpha material for sure, one year later Kyle's sperm finished first and he fathered a little girl, Maddie. It seems to me they are nowhere near done with two and are already talking about number three.

I turn to watch the two sitting in a chair together, Kyle is cuddling into Ander's chest. Those two can't go much more than a few minutes without touching, ever since their bond was reformed they seem to have a constant need to be in physical contact and reconfirm that the other is still there. As I have seen him do so many times Anders lifts Kyles right hand up and looks at it with a saddened look, that missing finger is a grim reminder of something they would both prefer to forget, then he kisses it and rests his chin on top of Kyles' head. I can hear him murmur, "We love you," and Kyles answer, "We love you too."

My thoughts often go back to that day five years ago, seeing Kyle throw himself into harm's way like he did was scary for sure. And it came at a price, Mads managed to break Kyles' neck, and even with his shifter healing it took him over a year to become pain free.

As for Anders, he is no longer the Alpha of the Moonstone Pack. It took a while, the remarking brought him back, but he wasn't the same Anders. He loses control of himself now, making him a bit of a minefield in terms of anger. You never know whats going to set him off. He tried to take back his place as Alpha but when he nearly started a war over a minor issue Carl and Axel had to step in.

Now this pack has a female Alpha, the daughter of the Alpha of Firepack , one of our allied packs. Alpha Alicia is doing a great job and our pack is as strong as ever, her husband makes a wonderful Luna and I'm sure their four kids will grow up to be strong additions to our pack as well.

We all mourned the day we realized we were losing our Alpha couple, but they both handled it well and even though they are no longer in power they are both included in most decisions, luckily Alicia was quick to realize that even though Anders could no longer serve as leader he was a still a strong, smart wolf with plenty of experience and good input.

Anders'anger issues was a point of worry for us all when he became a father, but to all of our relief, his nurturing side is strong enough for him to never lash out on his children and he is a truly wonderful father and husband. That's right, Anders and Kyle are married. So are me and Axel by the way, in celebration of our first born and overcoming some truly harrowing experiences we had a big double wedding. It was a big and joyous event, and feeling inspired Carl got down on one knee and proposed to Julie right in the middle of our ceremony, ending up tying the knot that same day. Axel kept grumbling that he was just a cheapskate who didn't want to pay for his own wedding, I found it cute, we agreed to disagree on that one.

"You seem deep in thought beautiful, whats going on in that pretty head?" Axel has taken advantage of my distracted mind and manage to get his arms around me, pulling my back close to his chest, stroking my big round belly. We are currently expecting our third child, another girl. 

"Nothing much honey, just counting my blessings I suppose," the tingles are still there five years later, and nothing can compare to the feeling of being in your mates' arms. "But don't squeeze my stomach please, there's enough pressure on my poor bladder as is," he just laughs and kisses my neck.

The door is slammed open so harshly it almost falls off its hinges and in comes one of the biggest surprises in terms of mating, Lewis and Connor. When those two met for the first time we were all shocked to find yet another tiger wolf mating in our pack. The moon Goddess sure works in some majorly mysterious ways. "I'm telling you Lewis, I was not looking at that woman's titts! How many times do I have to tell you that since the moment I got my first taste of you I have been a strictly hot dog, no tacos allowed, kind of man." I have never seen a couple fight more than those two, but I have also never seen a couple make up more than those two. It's a wonder either one of them can still walk.

"Well you better not have been, you are all mine," Lewis grabs hold of him and pulls him into a searing kiss, and drags him upstairs for what I'm guessing is yet another round of making up. Neither one even taking the time to acknowledge our presence.

Axel snickers from behind me, "I swear those two just makes up reasons to fight so they can have an excuse to have angry makeup sex."

"Speaking of which, wanna take advantage of Maddie's nap and go have a little fight of our own?" Kyle jumps up from Anders' lap and takes his hand, leading a grinning mate out the door towards their own house. He and Anders had to give up their Alpha suite to the new Alpha couple and ended up moving to one of the houses nearby.

"Well isn't that nice? Guess this means we're on babysitter duty?" Carl is padding downstairs with a sleepy looking Maddie in his arms. 

"Nope, sorry buddy, you're on babysitter duty, I just remembered I'm still mad about Leila not letting me buy a motorcycle, and now we just have to make up," Axel pretends not to hear Carls objections and tugs me along leaving the poor guy alone, watching six kids all by himself. I feel a little guilty but not nearly enough to keep me from following my gorgeous mate.

I have to send a little thanks to those hunters who tried to kill us five years ago, if they hadn't been evil, sadistic assholes I would have never met Axel, Kyle would have never met Anders and Connor would never have met Lewis.

I suppose sometimes some truly beautiful things can come from truly ugly actions.


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Thank you so much for reading this story and for all the support in form of votes and comments!💗 

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