The Fall of Society

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It must begin

Deep in the earth

No moral sin,

Just rebirth.

The green of the root

Out of the noble seed

From the darkened soot,

And unrivaled need.

It breaks the ground,

Striving towards the sun

Initially, a quiet sound,

Not nearly done.

Surrounded by feathery air,

Climbing higher and higher

No longer just a sapling needing care.

Soaring tall, it’s a flyer.

Regal with power,

Large and ideal.

Looking down on even the flower,

Such a self-righteous feel.

The years go on and on,

The daunting presence still there.

Not even knowing what has gone,

Believing itself to still be fair.

But so it starts,

The timely decline.

As the structure parts,

Beginning with one thin line.

What once was tall,

Now begins its horrendous fall.

What once was there

Is now utterly bare.   

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