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Onika Maraj

I kissed the lady's cheek as she laid in the hospital bed. I waited for her heart to start beating again before I floated away... like a bird. I was a healer and I knew I could heal people better than any other healer that was out there. I looked on as they said it was a miracle. When she awoke she said her first words.

"What happened?"

The doctor began to speak. "All we know of is- your heart started to beat again after a few hours. You were shot in your head once and in your leg twice. We removed the bullets but we don't know how you survived."

She laughed and then coughed. " I guess God didn't want me to go yet."

I let out a sigh. "He sure didn't."

I began to float away, my white dress aligned with holes. This was the last person I could heal. She's special and had hazel eyes. The blonde hair that supported her head was shorter than it was before but it would grow back. She still looked great. I don't who had done this but it wasn't my job to find out.

I made my way up into the clouds where I sat and looked down at the beautiful place called earth.

• • •

Beyoncé Knowles

I looked down at my friend Heather. "How you holding up?" she asked me.

"Everything hurts, but not as much as I thought it would," I answered.

"You are a real miracle, you got shot in your head. I couldn't survive that."

"Sure you could." I tried to laugh but it came out as a cough.

"Want some water?" She asks holding up water.

"Yes, please."

I drunk the water slowly. The look on her face showed that she was worried for me. I don't know how I survived this.

• • •

Onika Maraj

My mind drifted off to the blonde woman as I floated in the clouds. I changed into some shorts and a white sleeved shirt. Since I became some weird healing angel I've had to wear white. Some wear black becuase they were called the slaughter angels. Basically dark angels.

I took out my mirror to see the blonde beauty resting in the hospital bed.

"WHAT'S UP?!" I dropped my mirror and turned back to look at Freddy.

"Freddy! You made me drop my mirror!"

"Sorry Oni," he put his head down.

"It's okay, I'm sorry. I was just -"

"Spying on that pretty lady," he answered.

"No I was- fine I was but it was for a good reason."

"Mhm," he floated away.

• • •

2 months later.

I looked at Beyoncé as she ate by herself. Angels weren't supposed to be crushing on the living; As long as I didn't do anything but heal them it would be fine.

I floated down to where she was sat beside her. She couldn't see me unless she believed in people like me. I looked up at her and she looked at me. She was looking past me.

I floated behind her and touched her head. My touch was healing all the loneliness she felt. Beyoncé let out another sigh but this time she was relieved.

I could do this all day.


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