Personal Knight pt.3

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I'm sorry I just really love this.

It was three years since Logan and Patton been together. Three years since Patton became Logans personal knight, three years since they first kissed. Logan wanted to do something special for Patton and his anniversary. It was going to be in three days mark them together for four years. Logan was pacing around his room and playing with his tie "Logan?" The door knob slowly turned and the door opened Logans dad (Roman) came in. "Are you OK?" "Um... Er.... I-I don't know" "Well what's troubling you?" "I want to marry Paton but I don't want anything too grand or too plain" Roman smiled widely and basically pulled on to Logan. Roman dragged Logan to his and Virgil's room. Virgil was laying face down in the bed and mumbling small things like "Fight me" or "Go die". Roman chuckled every time Virgil would mumble something Logan would check on his father to make sure he's OK. Roman rumbled through his dresser drawers that was over filled with clothes and finally pulled something out. It was two gold wedding bands with a L encarved in one with a heart and the other encarved with a P and a heart. "Oh my, Dad where did you get this? And when did you get this?" "I may have gotten it when y'all were 13" Logan glared at his father who still had a huge smile on his face. "Thank you Dad" Logan hugged Roman and left to go find Patton. Patton was hopping around the garden and picking flowers and singing. Logan listened to his boyfriend sing "It's a beautiful night we're looking for something dumb to do hey baby I think I wanna marry you" "Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby I think I wanna marry you" Logan then got on his one knee and held Patton's hand. Logan popped out the rings and said "Patton, Would you marry me?" Patton jumped on Logan and gave him kisses "Of course I would want to marry you, I love you Logan" Logan helped Patton up and kissed his head. "I love you too Patton." 😍😘😍😘

" 😍😘😍😘

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