Winning 918Kiss, Mega888 and Playtech Slot Game

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The mega888 and 918Kiss both are very famous slot game in Malaysia and you can them at any online gaming site. One place to Find the best place to play 918kiss and Mega888 is . But we are not here about where to play but more on how to win. 

To win Slot game from Mega888 and 918Kiss is actually not that hard. 

Here is some tips that you should always remember when playing slots from these two providers. 

1. Find the slot game that are highly popular. Because the more people are playing the game, the higher chances the bonus will come out. Less played game are mostly only will left you losing more and more. 

2. When Playing the 918Kiss or Mega888 Slot always bet small for starters and keep changing the betting amount. This is because you never know when the bonus will come but if you bet too big for every round, then your credit will be gone just like that . 

3. The betting Amount must be equal to the amount of minimum bonus. Check the game detail first as some bonus will only come out if you bet a certain amount or if you bet lower than the minimum, even the bonus come out, you won't get the full prize. 

Now Lets See what tips are there for the Playtech Slot Game

In order to get the best chance to win the Playtech Game you actually also need 3 things. 

1.The patience to bet slow and never ever use the auto play. We know some people like the auto play features but it is never recommended. 

2. Always have enough budget. The thing about slot game is, it is all about luck. That is why when you play slot game , sometime you need to play for a long time. So betting small and having the enough budget is very important. But always remember to never play more than you can afford and only uses the extra money to play instead. 

3. Playlines and paylines. These two are major in Playtech. When Playing any kind of Playtech Slot, always remember to check all the playlines and play all the playlines. This is because if you only play a certain playlines then when the big bonus come around, you won't get anything. 

Before playing you also must know that you should always chooses a trusted place. Like 918kiss Casino and Playtech Casino. 

These two sites are very much trusted and the best place to play these game. They also offer big welcome bonus. 

Check out the Video On Playtech Slot Playstyle from Co8club. 

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