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"Oh, great she's awake." 

I rubbed my eyes off the sleep and stretched my muscles, not realising I had an audience around me as I yawned and groaned pretty loudly.

"Someone seemed to have enjoyed that little nap."

I rubbed my eyes again, squinting them as I adjusted to the light, only to see Darius standing over me with a wide smile on his face. My eyes grew as I thought about how long he had been there.

"W-wait, wasn't I in the car just a minute ago?" I pushed my hair down and glanced up at him.

He had loosened his tie and had taken his suit jacket off, now looking more relaxed and casual in his work attire. Beside him, sitting down on the other chair was a woman, I looked on in confusion wondering where I had seen her before.

"Hi," she smiled with a wave.

I smiled back sheepishly and took my glasses from Darius.

"You fell asleep in the car." He mentioned, sighing as he sat by my legs. I retracted them and sat up straight, still slightly groggy.

"So how did I get here?" I scratched the back of my head, gosh I must've looked like such a slob compared to these two beauties.

Yes the woman was stunning, but again I sensed I had met her before, her voice was also slightly familiar.

"Have we met before?" I craned my neck to the side, only to have Darius push it up again. I frowned at him as he smiled.

"See Darius, I told you from the start that she was a clever one." The woman sat praising me as she chuckled softly. It was a little high in tone and her bright eyes stared deep into my own.

"Y-you're not . . . ?"

"This is Reina," Darius gestured, "I'm sure you two have been acquainted before." He uttered softly as I just stared wide eyed like a deer, and my mouth half open as I couldn't comprehend what he was saying.

"You're Reina!" I spoke in disbelief.

I mean she looked slightly different; more natural. Her hair was still the same, except it was more of a darker shade of blonde, quite dusty. Her make up was subtle, nude tones which accentuated her round cheeks and plump lips which I assume now she must have drawn in to make them look bigger.

"But how- I mean why?"

"A long story which I suppose you should know by now." Reina leaned forward as she smiled at both Darius and I. "Before I start though, I do have to apologise for anything I may have said to offend you."

What the heck was happening, I just thought. 

"It's fine I guess, that is if there was a reason behind it-but does that mean you two aren't really engaged?" I held a finger to my mouth and plopped one leg on the sofa; it was far too much to take in.

"You sound fairly positive," Darius hummed as he leaned towards me, and placed his hand above my own. I shifted my eyes towards Reina who was stifling a giggle.

"I'm not his fiance, we're just old acquaintances I mean do you really think I'd go for someone like him." She pointed at his direction which I could really understand and nodded my head rather quickly.

Darius gave us both his infamous death glare, "and you call me rude." He shifted his tie and draped it over the arm rest.

"Well you're just too," Reina had her finger on her lips, thinking of the right word.

"Full of himself," I scoffed.

"I'm still here you know, and you're talking about your boss." He replied sternly, though it felt like he was hiding his amusement in the ghost of the smile that sang through his voice.

"Yeah," I dragged the syllables and slowly reached away from him, "but you've been awfully nice to me recently and it's kinda freaky." 

"Can't you tell?" Reina interrupted.

"Tell what!?"

Darius and I both glanced at each other as we spoke in unison, a snigger escaping my mouth as I began to laugh at the dumbfounded expression on his face.

Reina sighed, "ah you two sure are naive." She shook her head in disappointment.

Darius cleared his throat and crossed his legs, "careful now Reina." He teased.

She flashed her eyes back at him and stuck her tongue out, "gosh I'm so glad I don't have to act anymore. Can you believe the amount of padding I had to wear and that make up!" She shuddered as I stared at her in awe, she really was beautiful.

"But why did you and Darius have to put on this whole act, is there something you were hiding or was it for the public to see?"

"Like Reina said there's a lot to it and most of it involves Xavier."

I paused for a moment and glanced up at Darius, his eyes once again twinkling through the darkness that seemed to have surrounded him. "What does this have to do with Xavier?" Darius turned his attention towards me, facing me now as he took a hold of my hand.

His callous hands gently caressed my skin as he sighed, staring intently at me through a solemn gaze.

"Everything." Reina added through the side.

"What about Amanda, does she know- about you two?" I clenched my fingers around his large hand, somehow it bought a form of comfort, reminding me of how my dad would soothe me whenever I was troubled by something.

"She doesn't," Darius shook his head causing his soft hair to flop before his eyes, "knowing her she would probably blurt everything out to Xavier, without even realising." He smiled to himself, "she can be a little too honest for her own good." He mentioned with a raise of his dark, bushy brows.

Reina gracefully pushed her hair back and chuckled, "oh I know that for sure."

I bit down on my lip, "I'm sorry I may have said a few rude things myself," I wondered back to how I viewed her before - then again regardless of her character I shouldn't have done so in the first place.

"It's okay," she waved a hand, "honestly I expected it, after all I was too good of an actress." She winked; my lips twitched into a smile.

A few days ago, I had felt like rubbish. Alone. I wanted to get out of this whole life, and away from all these people, however now it seemed a little different. I finally felt welcomed, and a part of something or someone after such a long time.

It wasn't like family, nor do I feel like I could ever go back to how my life was before; before the accident and everything that has happened. 

But I was finally beginning to see a bright light in my future, though there were still many lingering questions that I was too afraid to know the answers to. I needed to become more brave, especially if I were to survive in this world. A world where people were only taken care for by the amount in their wallets, or the great names that were looking down on all us peasants. 

I hoped whatever Darius and Reina were telling me was the truth and I wanted to know more as I sat down and listened intently, for the better or worst.

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