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It was lunch, and my eye had officially turned to black and blue, every few minutes Jasper was worried he checked in to see if it hurt.

"Are you sure it doesn't hurt?" Jasper asked for the millionth time staring at me with concern.

"Yes, Jazz I'm positive I am completely fine it was just a frisbee." I stated chuckling at how protective he is.

"Okay.." He responded, not fully believing me.

"So Clo, we were thinking you could come over after school tomorrow since election days on Friday so no school." Alice suggested, while drawing clothes designs in a mini sketch book.

"Um, yea I would love to." I agreed switching my gaze from Alice to Jasper with a smile.

"We have something to tell you." Danny stated, looking up at me seriously.

"Is it something bad?" I questioned looking worried.

"Depends how you think of it." Rosalie answered, looking scared for what I would think of it.

"I really like you guys, nothing can change that." I exclaimed, squeezing Jasper's hand under the table.

"Thanks Clove, I hope that's true." Edward stated, before looking down at his lunch tree in worry, and glancing at the new brunette haired girl next to Jessica I think her name was Bella?

".. Okay" I responded with slight hesitation, I mean how bad could it be it's not like they are serial killers right? I looked up and caught Edward tensing up.

"You okay Eddie?" I asked, looking up from my blueberry bagle, I love bagels.

"I'm fine, and Eddie? Really?" Edward asked with a chuckle and smile on his face, seeming to make him happy again.

"Yea its either that or Edwardo." I stated with a smirk, looking up when Jazz let out a loud, deep laugh.

"I'll stick with Eddie." Edward agreed with a grimance.

"That's what I thought."

Before I knew it the bell rang, and we all separated for our 6th period. 6th and 7th flew by aswell, it was like when I was with Jasper time stopped, and now that I'm expierencing not being with him it's like there is 10 seconds in a minute.

Next thing I know it's 8th period US history, with Jasper.

"Hey, babez." I greeted Jasper as I sat down next to him, getting ready for the assignment the teacher was passing out.

"Hello darlin." Jasper greeted back with a smirk.

"What's with the smirk?" I questioned, looking up at him with raised eyebrows.

"Just thinking about later." Jasper answered leaving me in mystery.

"What's later?" I countinued trying to get a solid answer.

"Hopefully a home movie date for us." Jasper stated, looking up at me with raised eyebrows seeing if I'd be down.

"You're asking me on a date?" I asked, looking at him with a small smile, as I got through the first page of the assignment.

"I do believe I am ma'am." Jasper responded, as he was already done with the assignment.

"Well, I'd love too go on a date with you Mr Hale." I stated, before reaching over and pecking him on the cheek.

After finished the rest of the assignment in silence, the bell rang. Jasper and I walked to his Harley in silence with his arm over my shoulders ignoring the still consistant stares.

Reaching his Harley, while meeting up with the rest of the Cullen's letting them know of our plans.

Jasper hopped on his Harley, before I got on behind him returning to hugging his waist as rode out of the school parking lot.

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