Chapter 11

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Day : Saturday
Date : 12/04/18

Here is chapter 11 for you guys! Thank you for not giving up on His Short Beauty! You don't know how happy I am for that!

And if you find some grammar errors or typos, just tell me, okay?

Hope you like this chapter!


Camellia Waters' POV

I glared at him while he just stared at me with his stupid smirk on his face.

I observed him like he was my prey as if I was afraid that he gonna escape from me.

When I saw him lifting his right leg to test me, I growled causing me to cough right after that.

He just shook his head like a teacher disappointed with his student at that making me glared at him again.

After 10 minutes having the staring competition, I charged on him just to have him dodged me right in time by moving to his left.

"Don't move!" I yelled while charging on him one more time but of course he dodged me again by running upstairs.

"This is all your fault, Ethan! You know that I hate to wake up so early but you still did that! What the hell is your problem?!"

"Language." I heard someone sang from the kitchen.


"My problem is you said that my first cake 'yuck'! You should care for my heart too. It's fragile you know, kiddo?" Ethan said while putting his hand to his chest making me scoffed at him.

"But do you really need to mess with my phone?? You not just messing with the alarm but also with the time in my phone, you rubbish baker!"

"What did you say?!" he yelled at me looking as angry as I am.

As I was about to open my mouth, someone interfered.

"I agree with her about the rubbish baker!" Alex yelled from the kitchen making Ethan groaned in annoyance.

"How did you open my phone, anyway?" I asked to catch Ethan's attention again.

"Kiddo, you make it obvious about your password. Who wouldn't know your password in this house?"

What he mean by I made it obvious about my password was because whoever ever went into my room, they would see the password everywhere in there. The password? It's easy. The password was 'STAR'. That's it.

"Even so, I didn't do that to make you people open my phone for your own liking without even telling me nor asking for my permission!"

He chuckled at my outburst before saying.

"Hey, little kid. I did that for your own good, didn't I? See? I make you woke up early. You won't late for your class now. Isn't that great?"

"Great?! But my class start at 7:20 not 6:30!" I yelled and started to chase him as he ran away from me by running to his bedroom.

He closed his door as soon as he got in there almost make me bump onto it.

"Ethan, open the door and let me punch you for once!" I growled while furiously punched the door making a loud noise.

"I am busy!" he shouted back from behind the door.

"Busy for what?! Ethan!" I shouted loudly while pounding continuously on the door.

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