10 ~ The Signs on a road trip

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Aries - sitting shot gun (because they fought everyone for it), acting as a back seat driver with mild road rage

Taurus - sitting in the very back secretly eating everyone's food

Gemini - sitting in the middle of the row behind the front seats, cracking jokes, singing along with the songs on the radio badly, and over all just being an annoying fuck.
Always asking, "Are we there yet?"

Cancer - sitting beside Pisces in the row behind Gemini, quietly starring out the window at the scenery until they feel nauseous and throw up in Sag's shoes

Leo - sitting two rows behind Aqua, pouting because they wanted shot gun. After a while they start begging Cap to let them switch seats or let them drive

Virgo - sitting to the right of Gemini, trying to read the map and make sure Capricorn's going in the right direction

Libra - sitting in between Leo and Scorpio, on their phone lolling at memes. Also keeps asking:
"When's the next rest stop? Can we stop for food?"

Scorpio - sitting in the corner to the right of Libra  quietly listening to music while secretly plotting everyone's death

Sagittarius - sitting beside Pisces listening to music while bouncing a tennis ball off the window. Suddenly screams: "I HAVE TO PEE!" 

Capricorn - driving the car, trying not to scream at everyone to shut up, specifically Aries and Gemini

Aquarius - sitting next to Gemini watching a movie while peacefully tuning out the screams from Aries, the sound of Cancer puking, and the rest of the commotion

Pisces - sitting in between Sag and Cancer. Eats a crap ton of candy and has a sugar high for a solid 2 minutes before passing out on Cancer's shoulder for the whole ride.

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