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*plays Rihanna Where have you been*

Alright sweet peas, what's good?😄
AND YES I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY FOR THE LONGEST BREAK A HUMAN COULD TAKE IN HER ENTIRE EXISTENCE *but* This human here has been going through that amazing phase where she doesn't have the guts to keep writing one shots so she decides to work in long Books *Spoiler alert😆* yet, I've been thinking about re-starting this one shots life just because...

I felt like I had to improve so many stuff, and I do feel some progress now, specially with English not being my first language. It's complicated to tell feelings and express emotions in a different language, specially when you don't dominate and I figure it out I was deeply failing in that part, now add Wattpad being a complete BS deleting my FIRST EVER BOOK AND SOME OF MY ONE SHOTS, I felt psychologically tired, and that's why I just decided to give myself a break (I'm so dramatic, lol). Yes college is eating my time, family business and all that stuff, yet writing is my refuge when everything seems to fail, and I love this. I want to be able to make you read my feelings through the words, I wanna be able to do that, and yes maybe one day and will do it. I'm still hoping here *fingers crossed *.

I'm still learning, and maybe one day I'll get better and better, and I promise I'll keep trying and giving my best for you guys❤

Thank you for my girls and BOYS who still text me, DM or whatever asking about the books, the one shots and everything. Thank you for boasting my confidence and for being so sincere with me. Thank you for listening when I TOTALLY LOST IT BECAUSE OF "FINALLY FOUND YOU"😂😂 that was painful as hell! And Thank you for always believing in me and my Issues😂😂😂 Yall Da best in the business, seriously!

It's gonna take me a while to catch up, but I still have unfinished business yet I'm already working in new one shots and a book featuring my girl, my little flower. ( Also Thank you Emma, this upcoming book exists thanks to you I love you😂❤). Even though I'm almost dying because of college, I miss you guys and always take time to read your books (and fangirl over them😂😂😂 Thank you for that)

I don't know when I'll start posting, the One shots, because of the new book *I'M SO EXCITED I KNOW I'M ANNOYING HAHA* (Main boo is Sebastian Vettel by the way), but at some point, I will definitely come back at it. Meanwhile, if you have any questions just DM my ass.



Yours truly ❤️

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