Chapter 17

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Spy Wars

A/N: I know I don't have many readers but I just want to say thanks to all of you who do read my book!!! I really enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy reading! Okay, enough mushiness, lets get into the butt whoopin'.

Kaitie's POV:

         I moved closer and closer to the security passing in my slick spy car. I was about to head up to the gate of the parking garage when someone yelled in the radio. "I have been spotted. Need backup immediately.  They've called in thier backup and we can't hold them off much longer. Sparrow. Over." Sparrow was Jake. I knew everyone should go help but I was told to stick by my mission no matter what. I was very tempted to go help but I kept moving foward.

       I pulled up at the security checkpoint. The enemy agent walked up to the car. He was about a year older so this could work. "Name and Clearing please." he stated very professionally. "Does it really matter?" I asked and he looked shocked to hear a girl's voice. There must be all men working here. He moved his eye's from his clipboard to me in seconds. "Sorry no outside access aloud." he strained to say. "Oh I didn't come for access to the base. I heard there was a knew security officer and it's my job to check if they're legit." I said giving flirtatious eyes. He started to sweat a little bit. I hopped out of the car and walked over to the toll booth we had broken on our way out that one time.  He loosened up his tie. "Jeez do I like men in uniforms." I said sticking to the lines I was given. "Is that so?" he asked checking me out. I feel so violated right now. This is the worst. Why couldn't Lilly be the honeypot?

        "Yes. In fact it is." I keep inspecting the booth for evidence or a plan or something. No luck so far. Then I found a vanilla folder with lots of files of everyone in the building in it. It was stuffed with backround checks and histories of all the agents standing strong by Mr.Williams. Jackpot. I secretly slid it into my jacket and zipped it up. "It's getting quite cold." I stated turning around with the jacket zipped. "Maybe you should go then. You got your inspection." he said gaining his authority again. I have to break him down somehow. John please forgive me for this. "Maybe I don't want to." I said wrapping my arm around his neck and kissing his chin once or twice. He finally broke down. He wrapped his arms around my waist and started to make out with me. I don't care what headquarters told me to do anymore. This is too weird and gross. I'm putting my own twist on things. "You shouldn't have been so stupid." I whispered quietly to him and before he could process it, he was in an armlock on the floor. I tied him up and pryed him into the trunk. I zoomed back to headquarters hoping they wouldn't be too mad at me.

Jake's POV:

         The spies just kept coming. My father and I have been holding them off for a while, but I don't know how much longer we can do it alone. Where is everyone? I called for backup 3 whole minutes ago.

         There were agents starting to line up to fight us. We were going on four at a time. Just as I started to get tired, two ropes dropped from the ceiling tiles. It was John and his partner. I didn't have to look to see who the were because I already knew they were working in the attic.

         John stepped up and started beating the crap out of people. He was fighting to the extent I was when I started. His partner spy was a little more sneaky than that. George backed up into a connecting hallway and when someone would pass it, he kicked them right in the jaw then dragged the into the hallway and knocked them unconscious. 

       I started to loose focus and I was just to tired at this point. I took a hard hit to the jaw and fell right to the ground. The spy smirked and went to mount me. That's it I'm finished. It's over. I tried punching and kicking but he was way too big. As he went for another blow to the face, someone grabbed his arm spun it back and put him in a choke intil he passed out. To no surprise, it was my lovely, ass kicker Lilly.

      I jumped up ready to fight again. I can't look weak infront of my girlfriend and then again she had a guy partner that was probably trying to steal her over. I mean come on. Look at her. Come to think of it, were was Kevin? As I had a moment of break I realized that Chris and his partner, Danny had shown up but no sign of Keven, Lilly's partner. Even Lilly's mom and brother were here to help.

          My momentary break had ended and everyone knew what my technique was to take people out. I changed from fist fighting to judo. It was way more affective. I knew this since I had done it my whole life, but I never tested the theory for myself. Soon enough after beating people up for 20 minutes straight the others had just cowarded out. Hey, we're teenagers but we can really pack a punch.

       "Hey Lilly, You okay?" I asked her as we walked out to the van. She had a black eye, and a slit lip. "I'm fine. You should've seen the other guys." I laughed at the corney joke. "That a girl. What happened to Kevin?" I was really curious for this answer. "He gave me some lame excuse on not going to help you. He had to 'get the van ready' apparently" she said laughing as we loaded in the van. Sure enough Kevin was sitting in there all not injured and innocent looking. He makes me sick. "You guys sure look horrible." he said and we all gave him the shut-the-hell-up look. That guy is so annoying. Maybe I'm just biased but I'm pretty sure everuone else thinks so ,too.

        We finally arrived at headquarters and we all ran into the kitchen. We deserve the right to be hungry. The older spies sat together and the teenagers sat together. "Guys, we might be like them in a couple years.....old" Chris fooled around. "They're not all old." Lilly defended because they could probably hear us. Soon we saw Kaitie walk in and everyone was back together again.

         She sat down next to John and started making out with him as soon as possible. "Woah, what was that for?" John said in surprise but it looked like he enjoyed it. "I have to tell you something." she said very nervously. "Today on my mission I had to make out with another guy, but it meant nothing and I armlocked him right after. I also threw him in my truck and drove him here for investigating. I had to tell you ev-"John cut her off by kissing her. I can't watch this much longer. "It's okay. You had to for the mission." she instantly brightened up. "Okay, I'm leaving this soap opera." I said as I stood up and started walking to my doorm.

         I turned the corner and saw Kevin and Lilly together. Kevin shoving his tounge down her throat.  How could she do this to me? I turned around to walk away. I couldn't watch this anymore. It was ....heart wrenching.

Lilly's POV:

          Kevin plastered me against the wall and started kissing me. Why is he doing this? I kept trying to pull away or push him away but he was too strong. He's handsome and all but he could never be close to how I felt about Jake. Kevin was just a jerk. "Stop it." I managed to spit out, finally gaining the strength to push him away. "Why? Why do you love Jake so much? You could have so much better." he said coming closer to me again. "I don't like you. We are just spy partners. Stop!" I tried saying but he proceeded to kiss me again. "I believe the girl said to stop." A familiar voice said from right behind Kevin. It was Chris. Oh thank the lord. "What does it matter to you? Butt out." Kevin said stepping closer to Chris. He didn't even think about what Kevin said before trowing a hook punch to the face  followed by a round house kick straight  to the abdomin. Kevin had not one second to react. He fell like a ton of bricks. 

         "I cannot thank you enough, Chris" I said and hugged him. "No problem. You might want to talk to Jake though. He's pissed and I'm pretty sure I know why." he said hinting to the fact that he might have saw what happened. " it wasn't....ugh." How is he ever going to believe me? I'm screwed.


A/N: Hey guys, so this chapter was full of action and drama. I hope you guys loved it because I had a lot of fun writing it. Keep reading because it is about to get way better.

*What do you think of Kevin?

*Do you think Jake's going to forgive Lilly or even believe her?

*What about the big beatdown at the base? Where was Mr.Williams?



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