Chapter Thirty One - Liar

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His father was a liar.

Jav's augury of his dreams did not fail him. She was real. She hadn't died on her way to a distant world as his father told him thirteen years ago. She had survived. He knew as such when the dreams of her came. The betrayal tugged his chest, but it wasn't anything he hadn't felt before from his father. Arlo Kane, the King of Knox, Leader of the Revive, his father—still got to him. That was one of his weaknesses. A weakness he couldn't change. The weakness of validation. 

More than anything he seeks approval from his father. He hated that he did this, but it's embedded into his very being. His father ignored him at any cost, and he dismissed the dreams he kept having of her like they were resurfacing heartaches. Jav's heart didn't ache for her, it bathed in sorrow when he was a child after he thought she had died but he wasn't a child anymore. He had grown.

"You, my son, the only heir left to my throne have remained hidden, that is the only way you have escaped death, to protect your gift. If you leave, you will be in great danger. I forbid you to seek this out, she's dead." His father's word's find their way to his mind tonight. Usually he sent them away, the ability to completely shut them out always came in hand, but today he pondered on this past order. He watched Avianna behind the glass as healers tend to her wounds.

Two broken ribs, a fractured shoulder, and a torn muscle in her thigh resulted from the explosion. He was lucky the explosion didn't kill her. He will speak later with the navigators who targeted the palace. He commanded them to have her unharmed in the explosion. He will find out just how their coordinates could have been so mistakenly wrong.

The lasers slowly sweep over her, healing her injuries as the laser registered a wound. The healers stand by, watching the machine do their work. It took five minutes for her injuries to heal. The process was slow in his judgment but this was the least of his worries. 

"When will she awake?" his voice sounded over the speakers in the room. The man healer briskly tapped the hovering monitors. He saw his jaw taut, watching the man's searching warily.

"Between four to six minutes sir," was the man's firm response.


Jav's heavy steps pound the flooring. What confounded him was the inability to dream of her in the past. All these years he dreamt of nothingness, unimportance to him. Being able to see visions through touch and sight was exhausting, especially when his abilities to see into the future were endless. He rather focus on his abilities, then worry about the dreams he'll have in the night about trifling people. It all means nothing to him, but everything to his father. Little does his father know, he had more than one "gift." If he wanted too, he could look into Avianna's future, seeing all the possible outcomes of her choices. The thought of it had crossed his mind many times, but he must wait. It wasn't time for that yet.

These inconsequential people could be present in his dreams months, or even years after he had done his duty for his father. This was what made his mind turn. If he couldn't see her in his dreams then he assumed that was a sign she had really gone, but ever since that first dream of her, he promised himself he would find her. He knew she was still alive. And now, she was here.

Hissing open, the doors move aside for him. He steps inside, the healers watching him wide-eyed. "Your job is done here. You may go," his voice low, rasping. The man and woman almost bow, but his words resurface to their minds, and all they do was nod, quickly existing.

Yes, he was the Prince of Knox, but he didn't like being addressed with bows, or Your Highness, or "Prince Jav." It was doltish, and inessential, though his father thought otherwise. Even his own son must call him by his "royal" title in formal occasions.

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