Chapter 38

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I was sore I knew that much.Stretching out my limbs I groaned my muscles aching. Flashbacks of last night came flooding through my mind, my cheeks turning scarlet. Sinking my teeth into my bottom lip I fought back the smile.

He was so dominating.

I knew he had already left but I wasn't angry. I needed time to think about yesterday, about us and what happened. Pushing myself up I winced at the pain cursing through my leg. That part of the night came rushing back, slipping on the broken bottle, arguing with Blaze in front of Duke.

Even his name on my tongue gave me a sour taste. How can a guy I've never met before or even heard of turn up out of the blue and put a dent in my relationship.

Testing my loyalty?

Shaking my head I grabbed my purse from the floor raking through it for my phone. I needed to check the girls were okay. Seeing numerous texts I stopped on the one I had received an hour ago.

You better still be naked!!

I was still mad at him for yesterday. Regardless of the mind blowing sex he still needed to realise that what he did was wrong. That he hurt and embarrassed me. Staring at the message another one came through.

10 minutes away

Sighing I got out of bed and pulled on a pair of pj shorts and a crop top. Heading into the bathroom I carried on with my business, brushing my teeth and pulling my hair into a messy bum. After drying my hands I stared at my reflection in the mirror my eyes narrowing as I noticed the hickey on my neck.


Rolling my eyes and sighing I headed towards my kitchen. My mouth was dry and I was in need of something wet. Pouring some water into a glass I leaned against the counter top, the roar of bikes catching my attention.

He was here but he wasn't alone. Walking towards the front door I pulled it open, leaning against it I watched as 4 bikes pulled into the drive way. That wasn't a good sign. Cutting his engine I watched as he pulled his helmet off.

Wait was he glaring at me?!

"You forget to get dressed this morning?" He growled as he stormed towards me and pulled me against him. "I don't like others seeing what is mine". He whispered nipping at the base of my neck.

"I didn't realise I was standing here naked" I replied my tone flat. Loosening his arms from around my waist he leaned back so he could look at me.

"Are we going to stand here or are we going to go inside?" I asked before he could say anything else.

I guess my mood was because I was still pissed at him. Not so much that I wanted to argue or fight but just enough so he knew.

"Ain't you a little ray of sunshine this morning"

Turning on my heel I went to walk away when his arm shot out and he gripped me around the waist.

"Still mad I see" He whispered his tongue licking at the side of my neck. Sighing my eyes closed on there own, my body relaxing against his.

"Can we go inside please?" I asked cautious of the 3 pairs of eyes that were watching us.

Chuckling he released his hold on me and gently shoved me inside hot on my heels. Was he really going to leave the guys out there?

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